Glide’s Best of 2008: Ryan Stasik

Favorite new gadget, technology, site or application you can’t live without

My Pocket Rock-It Stereo Sound Processor (basically a mini plug-in bass amp to my iPod and headphones)

Artist You Are Most Excited About In 2009 (any medium)

Guns N’ Roses (it only took 16 yrs for a new record), Chromeo, STS9, The New Deal

Your Latest Guilty Pleasure

Tanning, Triathlons, Kissing

What should President Obama change first in 2009?

I don’t answer political questions!

A Memorable/Humorous/Classic Moment on the tour bus/road in 2008

Watching the young crowd in Bloomington, IN sing along to ‘Double Vision’ at an Omega Moos show and knowing every word!

*Bonus question – great YouTube or viral video you saw this year

RV Salesman Commercial Outtakes:

Bobby Knight Golf Outtakes:

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