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Former HT Blips featured artist Alby Cohen has spent the last few months working tirelessly at Rough Magic Studios in Brooklyn on a brand new batch of original songs. Cohen wrote, produced, mixed and played nearly every instrument on these tracks, but has also enlisted the help of some big guns such as Marco Benevento, John Graboff from Ryan Adams’ band and NYC jam rockers Licorice to add their talents to his original tunes.

Alby has kindly offered us one of the best tunes to come out of these sessions, After The Flood, to share exclusively with our readers. This tune starts with a prodding groove before quickly turning into a full blast rocker propelled by Benevento’s frenetic work on the organ and Kass’ urgent guitar playing. After The Flood hits a number of interesting peaks and valleys before building to an intense climax at the end. Be sure to check out Alby’s Facebook page to hear the rest of tracks including the poppy Settle Down and rockers Fly Away and Breakdown.

We also have a number of download-worthy bootlegs for you to enjoy…

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  1. Thanks for the good words. I just wanted to give credit to all those involved on this track. While I do play most of the instruments on many of these tracks, this track was filled with a solid core of musicians whom are my firends as well as working session players. So I feel it right t list their credits here.

    Drums: Dan Barman
    Bass: Francesco Becarro
    Guitar: Ben Jurist
    Guitar: Matt Kass
    Hammond B3/Wurlitzer: Marco Benevento

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