Christmas w/ Brushfire: Neil Halstead

JS:  Which is your favorite reindeer?

NH:  I like Shadrack, the black reindeer.

JS:  What are your family traditions for the holidays?

NH:  Mostly eating, drinking, watching the Queen’s annual Christmas speech on TV, and then popping to the pub with the neighbors

JS:  What was the best Christmas gift you ever received?

NH:  A Playstation

JS:  What was the best Christmas gift you ever gave?

NH:  A Playstation

JS:  Was there a gift that you were you most disappointed about not getting for Christmas growing up?

NH:  A BMX bike- the Raleigh “Grifter” was a poor and much heavier substitute

JS:  What classic Christmas movies were your family holidays most like growing up?

NH:  In England The Great Escape was always the movie that we would watch. I never ever figured out what it had to do with Christmas, but Steve Mcqueen was super cool.

JS:  What is your favorite Christmas/holiday drink?

NH:  Guinness

Check out Neil on his official website.

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