Cover Wars: Hey Bulldog Edition

Alice Cooper: Well the album says it’s butchering, but I think it’s pretty damn good. I especially dig their slight re-working of the turnaround involving the line, “If you’re lonely you can talk to me”. Source: Butchering the Beatles: A Headbashing Tribute

Brain Damaged Eggmen: This Umphrey’s McGee/The Disco Biscuits collaboration was the inspiration for this week’s selection. For the group’s fourth ever gig at this month’s Caribbean Holidaze, they continued to put in the extra effort by adding some new tunes from both The Beatles’ and Pink Floyd’s catalog. In addition to this song, the group also played Glass Onion, Mother and Time for the first time. Source: 12-14-2008

Dave Matthews & Friends: Love him or hate him, this tour had some great covers. Though the video below is short, I think it’s great that Dave knows when two guitars (Tim Reynolds and Trey Anastasio) is enough and thus doesn’t even touch his acoustic in the outro. Source: Live at Bonnaroo (6-11-2004)

Caribbean Cruise 2/4/2006

Elvis Costello: I wish I knew where the audio was from but it’s one of these tracks I just found on Imeem and it doesn’t list a date. Anyway, I think Costello’s unique voice lends itself quite well to the lead vocals here. I don’t know about that keyboard interlude…

I’d love to embed a great video of Costello with The Fab Faux, but the user that uploaded it to YouTube has disabled that feature. Click here to launch the video in a new window.

Fanny: Badass. An all-girl band (one of the first really) with a great arrangement from 1972. They change the meanings of a few lines…They sing “I know just what it’s like to listen to my fears” which is in direct contradiction with the original line. They also seem to have written their own third verse and snuck it in there. Source: Fanny Hill

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band: While I don’t think this cover is particularly inspired or interesting, it’s very different and I have included it for diversity. Source: Criminal Tango

Tea Lead Green: It wouldn’t be Cover Wars without a jamband stretching a three-minute tune to eight minutes, right? This is from a performance just a month ago in Stroudsburg, PA. Kids these days… so spoiled with the prompt recordings posted on The Internet I tell ‘ya. Source: 11-14-2008

The conclusion of their encore from 2-16-2008:

Toad The Wet Sprocket: Much like the Elvis Costello version, I think this one is great because lead singer Glen Phillips’ unique sound instantly makes this song their own…well, after a brief false start. Source: 10-6-1997

Ween: As far as I can tell, this is the only recording of Ween playing Hey Bulldog out there. I had to leave a torrent open on The Brown Tracker for two straight days before I could start downloading from the only seeder. Source: 7-26-2006

Luckily, there’s video of the same show (7-26-2006)

And that’s what we’ve got this week. I’ll leave you with the the video clip from Yellow Sumarine:

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  1. damn i went to comment and the video shorted out, i love this song, my favorite is the cartoon version where they are all stuffed in the organ/piano

  2. though the song my be about nothing random lines like the ones you quoted above could be just as deep as just about any other song.

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