Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Playin’ Reprise – Part II

Yesterday, we kicked off our Second Quasi-Annual Grateful Dead Week with a clip of the jam pioneers’ tender performance of Peggy-O towards the end of their career in 1994. Today, we’ll go back to the band’s peak during the legendary Europe ’72 tour. On April 17, 1972, the Bozos and the Bolos made their first trip to Denmark for a concert at Tivoli Concert Hall which was filmed for a program commonly referred to as TV From The Tivoli.

Just as yesterday’s clip of Peggy-O demonstrates the beauty and power of Jerry Garcia’s voice, Bob Weir shows off those aspects of his voice on this version of Marty Robbins’ El Paso. The Dead covered El Paso 386 times from 1969 until their final tour together in 1995. Let’s take a gander…


More El Paso:

  • Marty Robbins – 1978: El Paso
  • Grateful Dead – 6/26/1994: El Paso
  • Grateful Dead – Veneta ’72: El Paso

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