New Wilco DVD: Ashes of American Flags

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m stuck at work with no early exit in sight for your old pal. I needed some cheering up this morning and I got it in the form of a forwarded email from Wilco which HT contributor Luke Sacks kindly sent my way. Tweedy and the boys announced that they are putting the finishing touches on their first live concert DVD titled Ashes of American Flags.

The film was put together by Wilco friends Brendan Canty and Christoph Green at Trixie Films (Sunken Treasure, Burn to Shine, etc.) Filming took place on the band’s February ’08 tour and includes material from Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, The Ryman in Nashville and more. Look for Ashes of American Flags on the ‘net and on store shelves in February/March ’09. Keep your eyes on early next year for previews and further information.

The other piece of pertinent information in the email discusses Wilco’s touring plans for 2009:

Post-holidays, the band will head back to the loft to resume work on their next studio album which we suspect will see the light of day in Spring ’09. Again more details, streams, photos etc. coming to the site soon. So hang in there.

Re: touring: Well, there’s not much until Spring. Jeff Tweedy has a handful of solo shows in late January (Kalamazoo, MI; Champaign, IL; Ann Arbor, MI). Ticket information here.   Nels Cline also has a run of shows in January, info here.  And there’ll undoubtedly be other solo-ish events popping up here and there. But Wilco have no shows planned between now and April as they’ll be pretty much hunkered down in the studio. We are in the final phases of working out a handful of gigs in southern US (April) and an extensive tour of Spain (May) followed by, most likely, the usual summer hijinks with a new record and gigs everywhere imaginable.

We can’t wait to hear what the band comes up with for their next disc.

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  1. I was interviewed at the Ryman show. It was my birthday show. I don’t remember being interviewed. Hopefully I didn’t make the cut because I don’t recall what I said. Should be interesting to see.

  2. Hey The Rick.. Keep your opinions about bands that you hate to yourself. This is obviously a comment area for people who think Wilco does NOT suck. If you desperately need to publicly tell millions of people that you think a band sucks, then go to and open your big mouth. They love to hear that their favorite band sucks.

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