Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Playin’ Reprise Pt. IV

Our second quasi-annual Grateful Dead week rolls on with a look at the most exciting moment of Spring Tour 1990. On March 29 in Uniondale, the Dead were joined by sax star Branford Marsalis for one of the most memorable guest appearances in the band’s history. Marsalis brought out the best in the Dead each time he sat in with them, but his first guest spot was the best.

Branford came out towards the end of the first set for a smokin’ version of Bird Song and by the way he blended into the mix, you would’ve never guessed he wasn’t a full-time member of the band. When the Dead returned for the second set the energy was out of this world. Jerry kicked off what would turn out to be the best version of Eyes of the World since the ’70s. Jerry, Phil and Branford pushed the music to orgazmic heights. The video of the Nassau Eyes that circulates isn’t the best, but it’s well worth the stream as you can see the happiness on each band member’s face…


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