Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Playin’ Reprise – Pt. V

Well, we’ve reached the end of our second quasi-annual installment of Grateful Dead-related Pullin’ ‘Tubes around these parts. We hope everyone has enjoyed watching and listening to the gems we’ve dug up, and I’m sure we’ll be back with round three sometime in 2009. While the band had a large cannon of original compositions to choose from – as we’ve already proven this week – they were also quite adept at interpreting the work of others.

Throughout the years they’ve incorporated tunes by Van Morrison, The Stones, The Beatles, Chuck Berry and many, many others into their set lists. There was one artist who’s songs the band just seemed to have a knack to covering – Bob Dylan.

The boys mainly stuck to songs from Zimmy’s ’60s output, while Jerry dug deeper into his catalog with his side projects. Let’s check out this fiery version of Maggie’s Farm from the second set of a show from the World’s Most Famous Arena on September 19 of 1987. Check out Bobby motioning over to Jerry to come in for the last verse…


More Dead Doing Dylan:

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