Briefly: The Return of Gene Ween

Gene Ween posted a brief note with some great news about his health…

Hi Everyone….I want to thank everyone for the well wishes, I’m recovering well from this pneumonia that I believe I’d been “walking around” with before it manifested itself fully a day after the last GWB show in Asbury Park. I spent four days in the hospital which, for those who know, is close to hell on earth but with good doctors, nurses and the care of my Jewish Mother for the last few days, I’ll be fine. This GWB experience was so fucking great and I do plan to make up the shows with more to come. Thanks for all the well wishes and I wish you all the best wish for the wishes at this special time of the year. Love, GW

Here’s hoping we get some Gene Ween Band and Ween gigs in ’09. [via BV]

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