Don’t Blame Yourself, It’s Ryan’s Fault

perhaps my emotional overview of the things i resented and regretted was too much but this is also my choice if i choose to share here at THE CARDINALS BLOG as I am an original member of the band and I feel just as entitled to my opinion and my desire to be open about why i would choose to pull back now, after SUPPORTING THIS BAND AND ITS CONCEPTS when i might have continued during that time as a solo artist.

my reasoning is sound as is my dedication to what i feel is right for me and my thoughts and feelings are valid. i am a human being and have the basic desire to be well and not suffer any longer pain or anxiety that is unnecessary when my efforts might be better used and longer lasting in an environment where i would be happier therefor more helpful to others for longer.

In all seriousness I hope the guys decide to do something w/o me truly as they are far better musicians than I and if anything I think i was holding the band back.

I hardly feel like i am over-reaching or being dramatic by saying it is in my and every one’s best interest to do what is best for all concerned and I am just not cutting it anymore. I mean, I know I will really give this last tour here my all. I know I have that much strength and yes, I know people will get weird and say “whatever” but Cardinals have the BEST fans and I am being open to those very fans our band loves and respects as much as a band could ever. This is my loss truly but I know good and amazing things will come.

anyway this was never meant to be dramatic just matter of fact.

so i am sorry if this hurt confused or alarmed anyone in our camp our our fans by what i said about needing to go ahead and walk away after this next tour. i think it is the best decision for me.

and of course, i just want what is best fort everyone.

that music deserves a shot and i don’t mind people saying i was too prolific or over-indulgent in writing and recording. in my mind i was racing against the clock and the inevitable dissolution of my hearing and in that respect i won. i stayed true to the inspiration and the muse.

i just loved music so much man.

i always will and that is all. i’m done rambling now. I apologize to the band (again) that people re-printed this shit. It is amazing to me anybody give a shit what I say really. I don’t feel special at all. I just feel like I am not very strong right now and sad that I have to do this now but that is life and that is how I am going to get well.

to you badass cards fans, thank you whoever you were. i did all this work so i would not feel so lonely and i made it for you, whoever you are so you could see that if i could do this certainly, most certainly

you could do anything you ever wanted….

you certainly can-

Kindness, Love, and Truly Nothing But Respect Where It Is So Obviously Deserved,



Don’t fret Cardinals fans, Ryan changes his mind more often that Brett Favre. He’ll be back, possibly with a new group he’ll lead to a 8-3 record before completely collapsing at the end of the season. Peace out indeed, Mr. Adams.

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  1. The ear disease he has isn’t a joke. My father had it. Among other minor issues like going deaf, there’s also some pretty bad attacks of vertigo involved and a lot of pain.
    Also, anybody who’s been following DRA for a while has heard him hint he needed both some time off from the incessent touring and more taking care of his ears. But I doubt he’ll disappear completely at the end of the sceduled shows. He
    just may not tour that much for a a while.

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