CW: Don’t You (Forget About Me) Edition

Billy Idol: At first this seems like a very odd choice of a cover for Billy Idol to throw onto a Greatest Hits Album but there is an explanation. Keith Forsey co-wrote the song and also has produced a number of Idol albums, so there you go. Source: Greatest Hits

Ha Ha The Moose: HaHa the Moose is a moe. side project featuring Rob Derhark, Chuck Garvey & Jim Loughlin. Derhak aka Dr. Guano sings lead on this one. Source: 12-6-2008

Keller Williams: I saw Keller perform this at the Somerville Theater in 2001 and thought he did a fantastic job with it. The recording is from the same tour, just a couple of weeks later. Source: 10-6-2001

New Found Glory: Perhaps you heard this cover in the JC Penney commercial embedded below. Source: From the Screen to Your Stereo 2

Tim Palmieri: Palmieri provides us with our required jamtastic version this week, clocking in at almost nine minutes. Source: 5-3-2008

Yellowcard: This band out of Florida was selected to play the song at the 2005 MTV Movie Awards for a celebration of the 20th anniversary of The Breakfast Club.

Those are all the covers we have this week. Before we go, take a look at some live footage of Simple Minds performing the song in front of some gigantic crowds…

Live Aid, 1985:

Night at The Proms (Netherlands), 1997:

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3 Responses

  1. HaHa the Moose takes this Hands Down. The Keller version is o.k., but comes off, almost as mocking.

    HaHa, doing what only those masked retro-warriors can do, make the ‘mocking’ seem so natural.

    Vote HaHa for your Mama.

  2. Keller uses that silly voice a LOT. I like it when he knows he’s singing a really good song and lays off it and just sings it straight. His cover of Standing On The Moon being a good example of this.

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