Friday Mix Tape: The Fun Bus

“Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory” – Albert Schweitzer

This week’s mix tape features just some straight forward feel good music. This time of year always feels a bit depressing given that work is busy as hell – if you’re lucky enough to even have a job these days – and there generally ain’t all that much to look forward to for a couple months. So with that in mind, this week’s tape consists of some downright catchy, uplifting tunes.

First up is a newcomer to the repertoire from a musician by the name of Braden Land with the opening track Holy off his kickass sophomore release, Stumble and Glow. From there, we head back to a member of our inaugural class of Blips, Turbine, with my favorite tune off their album, Reward, The Blackout Song. Next, we’ll crank it up a notch with the hyperactive bluegrass ragers and proud owners of the coolest bass in the world, Split Lip Rayfield, with Dime Store Cowboy. After that, we head to another personal fave, the Bright Eyes tune, I Must Belong Somewhere. And finally, we’ll wrap it up with Kimya Dawson’s bouillabaisse of randomness spanning from Willie Nelson to Tom Cochrane to Metallica on Roller Coaster.

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