Radio Bonnaroo: More ‘Roo’s Clues

As we mentioned earlier this week DJ JD Farmhound is once again dropping clues to about this year’s Bonnaroo line up via Radio Bonnaroo and his Twitter page. Farmhound just unleashed a couple new  brain teasers for you to decipher. Let’s take a look…

Sun Ra said space is the place. Subtract Mr. Ra, the Arkestra too, add George Bailey and just a fraction of the universe of which a euro pop tart did zing.

Vermin at the hills brow are better than in the house.

Not Rockville bound, but near there; where it rocks and rolls

Superfly will official announce the initial line up on February 3, so until then leave your thoughts in the comments and we’ll see if you’re right…

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8 Responses

  1. Sun Ra said space is the place. Subtract Mr. Ra = Son Volt?

    Not Rockville bound, but near there = thinking this is some sort of reference to Animal Collective and Merriweather Post Pavillion since Rockville, MD is near there

  2. i think these “brain teasers” are a good idea, but they are fucking lame. if music bloggers can’t figure them out, nobody can. and whats the point if no one can figure them out?

  3. Space is the Place – name of a song covered by Aquarium Rescue Unit which is a band that does NOT include Mr. Ra as one of it’s members. I am an ARU geek and would love for this to be the announcement. Hoever, I think it is a LONG shot that they would release a riddle for a relatively unknown band, despite their historical importance to the jam band scene.

    And I second ‘the joker’ – these riddles are a good idea, but pretty much suck b/c no one can figure them out.

    My question is, will we be able to figure them out even AFTER they’ve released the line up!

  4. vermin at the hills sounds like words from kung, kung is sung by phish, phish is coming back this year, and so is the dead, the dead are from san fran, and san fran is in california, going to california is a song sung by led zeppelin…so… robert plant and allison krauss is my guess.

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