Phish Adds A Stop In Knoxville (June 10th)

Phish have just announced that they are adding an eleventh date to their “summer tour.” The band will perform at the 24,535 capacity Thompson-Boling Arena at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville on June 10. This marks another “summer tour” date that falls during spring.

We’re pleased to announce an additional date to Phish’s 2009 Summer Tour. The band will play Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, TN on Wednesday, June 10, 2009.

A limited number of tickets are available directly through Phish Tickets’ online ticketing system for this show only at The ticketing request period is currently underway and will end on Sunday, January 25th at 11:59AM EST.

Tickets for the Knoxville, TN show will go on sale to the public with the rest of the Summer Tour beginning Friday, January 30th at 10AM EST. For full show and ticketing information, please visit the Tourdates page at []

Isn’t Tennessee home to a famous music festival? Phish ends their four and a half year hiatus on March 6 in Hampton, Virginia.

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15 thoughts on “Phish Adds A Stop In Knoxville (June 10th)

  1. Newms Reply

    Whoa. When are those Bonnaroo tix on sale?!

  2. lot trash Reply

    i guess it’s safe to say there was sufficient interest in the first set of dates…

  3. Scott Bernstein Reply

    What I love about this add is that it flew under the radar. No string of rumors on message boards and blogs.

  4. shesmysister Reply

    :: masturbates furiously ::

  5. Emerson Boozer Reply

    I live in Roanoke, which seems to be the ideal location for the shows announced thus far and the ‘roo.

    Hampton – four hours away
    Jones Beach – seven hours away
    Camden – five and a half hours away
    Asheville – four hours away
    Knoxville – six hours away
    Pittsburgh – six hours away
    Manchester – seven hours away

    Think how much of the country isn’t within seven hours of one show and Roanoke is within seven hours of 11 shows!!!!
    Not too shabby! Finally, there’s a benefit to living in this shitsville.

  6. _goff. Reply

    college campuses freak me out for shows. fyi. maybe just me.

    also,am i the only nostalgic sap who wants to see both ‘the boss’ AND phish @ bonnaroo?

  7. bandaloop Reply

    thanks for the fyi, goff.

  8. fluffdead Reply

    Now the question becomes how many nights will we get at the ROO? One or Two? Before this announcement i would have said two – not so sure anymore.

  9. d.j. kucinich Reply

    I thought artists who play Bonnaroo have to sign an agreement to not play any shows within like 200 miles of Manchester for the months surrounding Bonnaroo. This has always been a major complaint as to why bands are always skipping Nashville. I understand if their was to be an exception, it would be phish.

  10. ma Reply

    would it be safe to say that there will be no alcohol or beer sales since the venue is on a college campus?

  11. joe budden Reply

    I’m pretty sure there are moonshine stills all over the upper deck of that joint, so don’t worry about the alcohol situation.

  12. Josh Carpenter Reply

    What a great venue & short drive from Asheville taboot.

    Now that this news is a few days old … Has manchester grown in capacity – will the eighth be the largest bonnaroo yet?

    mmm phish!

  13. boyd Reply

    The boys love knoxville. When I was in school there from 94-96, they would come into town two days before the show and hang out all over campus and “the old city”…so much fun. AC Entertainment invented ‘Roo and btw are from Knoxville so no doubt are promoting this one too.

  14. moses miller Reply

    Bonnaroo Update: Phish is playing a late night set on Friday and will also the closing set on Sunday.

  15. Tim Bellaire Reply

    Just called the arena. No alcohol sales for Knoxville show.

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