Cover Wars: Don’t Let Me Down Edition

30db (Brendan Bayliss & Jeff Austin): This duo has performed together six times including two recent shows in the past couple of days. Word has it that during Sunday night’s show, the two said they had recorded an album and it will be released this fall. They also supposedly said from the stage that they were playing Bonnaroo. Source: 8-27-2006 (Thanks to Musical Stew Daily for an active link)

Annie Lennox: This track comes strangely enough off of a CD single, do they still make those? I am also a big fan of Annie’s version of Don’t Let It Bring You Down that is featured in American Beauty. Source: Coldest

The Black Crowes: Sometimes a cover and a voice just line up perfectly, this is one of those cases. When I was researching this week’s edition and saw The Crowes had played it, I was not surprised and knew exactly what it was going to sound like with Chris Robinson belting it out. Source: 10-18-1996 via Cover Me With A Good Dream

Dillard & Clark: This folk duo formed when Gene Clark left The Kinks in 1968. This album was released in 1969, the same year that Don’t Let Me Down was originally recorded. Source: Through the Morning, Through the Night

Jackie Greene: It’s worth nothing that both Chris Robinson and Jackie Greene have also sang this song with Phil Lesh & Friends in addition to the versions featured here. On a slightly unrelated note, I didn’t see Greene’s 2008 release Giving Up the Ghost on any end of the year top album lists, and it really should have been. Source: 9-13-2008

Matchbox Twenty: This video is of unknown origin. While you wouldn’t normally catch me listening to Matchbox Twenty, I gotta say – they do a pretty good job.

Robert Walter’s 20th Congress: RW20C contributes this week’s instrumental rendition to the mix. Also check out this show for a sit-in from Joe Russo on drums. Source: 5-1-2004

Stereophonics: I love the soundtrack to I Am Sam. In addition to this track, you have to hear Rufus Wainwright do Across The Universe and Ben Harper’s Strawberry Fields Forever. There’s a bunch more, roughly half the album is really solid. Source: I Am Sam

Live at Glastonbury:

Also check out their live version with Ronnie Wood

Van Ghost: Van Ghost is a new band out of Chicago fronted by Michael Berg. Jennifer Hartswick also sings with the group. They’ve got a lot of great tunes written and their first album coming out later this year. Source: 6-8-2008

Zwan: When the Smashing Pumpkins disbanded around the turn of the century, Billy Corgan formed Zwan with members of Tortoise and three other bands.

Video from 6-6-2003:

And that’s all we’ve got this week. If you’ve made it this far, please scroll back up and place a vote for the one you like the best.

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  1. really diggin the Annie Lennox version. always been a closet Annie fan, so I loved this version. What a sultry rendition from her. far cry from ‘sweet dreams’. nice variety this week HT!

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