Open Thread: Did You Get Phish Tickets?

Music Today has started sending out notices of regret and confirmation to those who entered the lottery for tickets to Phish’s upcoming Summer Tour. How did you fare? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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90 Responses

  1. Is it good or bad news if you have not received the email? I requested tickets and was denied all 4. How can I be denied all 4 while others have not received an email?

  2. I got : 2 for Jones Beach (both nights); 2 for Great Woods; 2 for Camden (lawn) & 2 for Pitts – all pavillion. I gotta say, I’m completely shocked to be perfectly honest, I didn’t expect to score ’em.

  3. We got 4 for MA and rejected both nights at Jones Beach.
    This is my wife and I 10 year anniversary tour. Hope to get Jones Beach on Friday.

    We might have 2 extra Ma tickets for Jones beach trade after Fridays mayhem.

  4. this has gotten fucking retarted! I was denied AGAIN! heres another idea to fall on deaf ears: how about if you got hampton tickets they put you at the end of the list for the next lottery…didnt happen but this would have ensured that people who were shut out of hampton would have gotten a chance to actally see the band this year.

    This shit just isn’t worththe time or efforet anymore. Got my hopes up and crushed again. Phish as we knew it is OVER! this sucks balls.

  5. I got 2 lawn tix to Sat night Alpine Valley.This was all I tried for because I was worried I would win and get the lawn.

  6. “Phish as we knew it is OVER! ”

    Do you remember NYE run 1998? They rejected 80% of the orders! Was that the end?

    “how about if you got hampton tickets they put you at the end of the list for the next lottery…didnt happen but this would have ensured that people who were shut out of hampton would have gotten a chance to actally see the band this year.”

    What about the people who scored Hampton tickets through ticketmaster? Should Phish spend the time and effort developing a master database of who sees what shows? Also, so many people I know put in multiple orders through multiple names. If someone scored Hampton tickets through the last lottery, they would have just sent in orders under different names.

    All of these intricate systems people want to devise would cost plenty of money and they’d be the first to complain at $75 Phish tickets.

    Please try to keep in mind this is random. Phish didn’t “phuck” you over because your order didn’t happen to be picked and they didn’t decide you’re a heady fellow by randomly picking your order to be filled. It’s a lottery.

    Random = fair, imho

  7. ^^ Agreed, Scotty. This is random as hell, and compared to Hampton, LOTS of people scored. I even know one guy that scored 2 FOR EVERY SHOW- ALL PAVILION / FOX MIDDLE ORCHESTRA! Gotta love that! Personally, I got 4 lawns via a friends order. Whatever, we will all get in, and be where we want to be when the music starts.
    keep it positive- PHISH IS PLAYING AGAIN! 🙂

  8. yeah, don’t use Phish as a platform to complain about the stuff that is always part of the process. Treat it like the mission that is is, and get in there!

  9. Also agree with Scott. I’m bummed but I’m sure if I presented them paperwork showing them how awesome of a fan I am it wouldn’t matter, it’s all random.

    Would be kind of cool if musictoday offered people a coupon for a free download of the show from Livephish though 🙂

  10. got 2 for deer creek, 2 for both alpine valley shows, but denied st louis…guess i’ll have to cross my fingers for the sale date.

  11. Scored 2 for every show except for MO (even tho I included that in my original request). This is a dream of a lifetime and 15 years on phandom come true. I was really bummed and pissed about being shut out of Hampton, and think the whole system is a shame, but today I was lucky.
    I needed a miracle and got one

  12. My friend and I each got 4 lawn for Deer Creek and 4 lawn for each night at Alpine.

    I’m glad I got them, but with Alpine especially, you are almost better off with a chance at getting seats if you are on the ball and get to TM (or Live Nation) right away at the sale time. You’re pretty much guaranteed lawn at Alpine either way. Almost no need to do the lottery for that venue if you’re okay with lawn.

  13. Denied. I’ll get them one way or another, but the system is faulty and should be remodeled to be more random. There should be a 2 ticket limit and each show chosen should be recognized as separate requests.

  14. Denied – 0 for 3. I guess I can’t compleain as I did get Hampton for Friday and Saturday. I’ll be fighting the good fight on 1/31 with everyone else.

  15. Shut out on 2 tix to Camden ..Shouldnt this shit be based on seniority…im an old head touring withn them since 1992 where is the love Yo!!!

  16. Yes, Phish should do a background check on every order to find out who has been seeing the band since when and make sure that the people who saw them before 1996 should get every ticket they order, while those who made the horrible choice to be born in the ’80s should have no chance whatsoever. Sounds fair!

  17. Myself, my girl and 2 of my friends all got denied for jones, camden, st louis, dc and a couple tried for mass and alpine. Race you to the captcha on fri/sat.

    I’d like to know how many people got St Louis because I’ve only read a few comments on sites of people actually scoring that hot ticket.

  18. There is reason to be annoyed. Phish has more leverage than we can imagine, and their failure to secure more tickets for mail-order / pre-order is somewhat of an abidaction of their responsibility to the scene and makes me worry about the upcoming tour. Let me explain – there was an interview recently where Trey or Page said they were changing management and letting musictoday make most of the business decisions so they can focus on the music. Now I’m all for more focusing on the music, but some of what made Phish Phish was their independent spirit and wacky homegrown ideas.

    This tour will be one of the most profitable and successful summer tours and these venues would love to have them. It bothers me that Phish didn’t make an effort to secure more tickets for use through the tickets-by-mail. Any others feel the same way? Or am i overreacting?

  19. @ cs – I understand your anger. My question is – How do you know how many tickets the band sold through Music Today? I’d bet they got 50% of the available tickets, which is similar to what Pearl Jam and DMB get. Let’s not forget they kept the price of a ticket below $50. This is a band that’s always looked after its fans. There’s just too much demand right now for everyone to get tickets. Wait a few months and it will be a different story.

  20. ^^no your not over reacting. The system is fucked up.

    And scott, we are glad that YOU got tickets. Now STFU! You just come off as a pompus asshole.

    It dosen’t matter how long you’ve been seeing shows in relation to getting tickets in the lottery. It only makes sense that if you happened to get hampton tickets in the last lottery, that they would try and accommodate the people who were shut out of that lottery first. That way more people get to see the band instead of the same people who got lucky and scored hampton tickets. is that in plain enough english for ya? Its not rocket science and it wouldn’t take a million dollars to do something like that. Its called a database and its not hard to do.

    I just think the band got lazy and have no clue how fucked up this internet system really is. The outsourcing of their ticket system is really an outsourcing of their fans. Let them concentrate all day on the music. But dear lord, how hard is it to make a better ticket system?

  21. I don’t think Scott is coming off as pompous, he’s just stating the way it is. There are probably at least 50,000 people trying to get tix for each venue, and that’s assuming that each person only used one name to try to get tickets. The fact is there are only so many tickets to go around, and suggesting Phish keep a database to track who gets tickets is absurd. Phish doesn’t owe any of us anything.

  22. “It only makes sense that if you happened to get hampton tickets in the last lottery, that they would try and accommodate the people who were shut out of that lottery first.”

    Sally – Let’s take it down a notch and try to discuss this rationally.

    The problem with your idea is that plenty of people also scored Hampton tickets through Ticketmaster. Why should they be able to mail order but the people who got tickets through Music Today shouldn’t be? Also, if you hit the lottery on your own name, wouldn’t you just have all of your non-Phish loving friends try the next time around?

    IMHO, when you’re dealing with the sort of crazy demand that Phish is at the moment the best way to award tickets is randomly.

    Read an interesting point from AK this morning about it:

    “one of the things i find so interesting about this whole lottery system is the tremendous swings in emotion it causes among the people that have ordered and it’s all totally random. some people are super psyched, some are really disappointed/angry or bitter and others are somewhere in the middle. but it’s not like we could have done anything to better the odds. some people went 0 for 8 and some went 1 for 1. it doesn’t seem like having multiple orders gives you that much better odds.”

    It’s just the luck of the draw. You KNOW next time, I won’t get tickets and I won’t say the ticket system is wrong just because my order wasn’t randomly picked this time around.

  23. @Scott – You really think it’s 50%? That is a lot higher than I would think – but even that is low. Shouldn’t they aim higher than Pearl Jam and DMB (not that there is anything wrong with those bands)?

    Also – where is the transparency? Why not tell us how many tickets they get? I know it is a private corporation, but why shouldn’t Phish be fully transparent – what does it matter? (I don’t actually think they would, but I wonder if there’s any reason they shouldn’t). Why not release statistics of how many tickets were requested and how many were filled? How many pavillions and how many lawns?

    And yes – there should have been a database. There should be a way to create unique numbers, track people’s prior purchases, etc. Of course people could register for new ones, multiple ones, but it’s another minor hurdle that would have created equity.

  24. “You really think it’s 50%? That is a lot higher than I would think – but even that is low. Shouldn’t they aim higher than Pearl Jam and DMB (not that there is anything wrong with those bands)?”

    I think in a perfect world the band would like to distribute all of the tickets, but nearly every venue has a distribution deal with at least one of the major ticketing companies.

    “Also – where is the transparency? Why not tell us how many tickets they get? I know it is a private corporation, but why shouldn’t Phish be fully transparent – what does it matter? (I don’t actually think they would, but I wonder if there’s any reason they shouldn’t). Why not release statistics of how many tickets were requested and how many were filled? How many pavillions and how many lawns? ”

    Certainly an interesting point. I don’t think there are many bands that would be willing to lay their finances out on the table like that, but perhaps the band could at least address the situation.

    Good luck on Friday, CS!

  25. denied 4 out of 5. I received 2 tix to Burgettstown…haha, ironically, the furthest away. But, in defense, my fave venue/memories of any of the 5 I went for. see y’all on 6/18 in Western PA.

  26. I’ve got extra Deer Creek, Pittsburgh, Camden, and Alpine Valley tickets if you’ve got any extra Great Woods or Jones Beach tickets

  27. Shut out for Jones Beach – my brother got first night though, so all i need is second and confident I will get them..This is been a bad week for getting tickets… I got shut out for the Dead as well…. Again, where there is a will, there is a way…..

  28. I got denied for Asheville and St. Louis. Had my mom request too and got denied. One of my best friends got 2 for St. Louis and Asheville. She’s only able to go to one of the shows, so I got her Asheville extras. I need to procure at least one ticket for Asheville in order for me to go, otherwise, I’m passing the tickets to some friends who got denied. I just realized I’ll be able to try for all the tickets I’d like to get b/c of the on-sale date/time and they are all through different ticket outlets so hopefully that increases my chances. Scotty – I’m gonna try for St. Louis since I’m not gonna meet you at Hampton. Wish me luck!!

  29. No luck! I requested tickets for both nights at Alpine. I suppose that no true phan deserves tickets more than another within the community, but I’m sure I want them more than most phans. Living in Colorado means a minimum drive of 10 hours.
    I hope for more tours dates, but the thought of missing this opportunity is devastating!
    I suppose the public sale is my only shot.
    Good luck to the other heads and BURN all you scalpers.

  30. Shut out of Jones Beach 1 and 2 and Alpine Valley 1 and 2. My buddies got both nights at AV. So I’ll be there somehow.

  31. Scored 2 deer creek and a single for alpine valley 1. Am interested in trading the single for a 3rd deer creek ticket. Everyone else I know was shut out. I have to keep reminding myself that getting tix to shows was tough from the late 90’s on… I remember being shut out of deer creek a couple of times… but I think I (and maybe others) are just feeling more anxious because of the circumstances… who wants to miss the first tour in 5 years??? Ticketmaster and all subsidiaries can burn in hell. Bands should boycott this system and pool resources to create a system independent of ticketmaster. It won’t be scalper-proof, but at least they could prevent blocks of tickets from being ‘sold’ to secondary companies OWNED BY TICKETMASTER!! How can they so blatantly rip people off??
    Good luck to all looking for tickets… my work is not done either. 🙂

  32. Am I the only one alive that still has yet to hear?!?!?!?!?! I’m going to tear my teeth out with rusty pliers soon…. Come on, tell me already!!!

  33. I asked for 2 each for three different shows and got only Alpine Sunday night. My husband asked for 4 Fox’s and got denied.

  34. I got no love from the mail order (again), but my boy got tix to the first 4 shows (2 each) so the trip is back on!

    Why are all the tickets going on sale at the same time on Friday!?!?!?!

  35. Scott – let me apoligize for my earlier post. I’m sorry. Its been extremely frustrating. For phish to be coming back, and there being no way in hell to score tickets for face value is very disappointing. All this internet only crap has to go. I got denied for hampton then shut out from ticketbastard only to see them selling “my” ticket for $400. I say “my” ticket because in all honesty that ticket should have gone to me or some other fan instead of being alloted to a greedy scalping company to sell back to us for 9x the face value. Since i was so devastated about not being able to go to hampton, I was trying to put all hope into the summer tour. But it looks like thats gonna be denials and shut outs across the board.

    The system they have in place is flawed. How is it that some guy on phantasy tour could get like 30 tickets to himself, while most people were just asking for one ticket to one show and got jack shit.

    I’m sorry to have flown off the handle, but it seemed to me like you were bragging about getting tickets, then you seemed quick to dismiss the ideas of everyone who DID NOT get tickets. I’m sorry i percieved it that way, but many of us are pissed off and rightly so.

    I never expected a reunion to be this much hassel. I’m like everyone else who has been jonesing to see my favorite band again. Its been 5 years. I do not know what to make of this situation any more. By doing nothing about ticketsnow/stubhub/ebay it just shows that the band cares less that their tickets are being scalped at insane prices and thus is keeping long time fans shut out.

  36. I got denied for St. Louis but gone two lawn for sunday at Alpine. While reading these posts I found it kind of funny that the “old heads” who been with the band at every show since the 80’s feel like they have seniority over people. So because someone was born in the 80’s and they werent there in the 90’s makes them less of a fan than you? Who are you to say anything? I havent had a chance to see them until now….im not trying to be cocky but karma happens for a reason. Its my time to go see Phish..It very well might be your time again as well, I dont know. Either way at least you have all the old memories. Whats wrong with making room for new people to share in the groove and experience what its all about. Sorry to rant and rave…I wish everyone else luck in scoring tickets!!

  37. I understand, however Phish does owe me something! I took me 50 yr old mother to Coventry and after 28 hours in traffic we were turned away due to muddy conditions. My mother is in no physical shape for us to park 10 miles away and haul a weekends worth of supplies so we began to return home in southern PA.
    We did get an Awesome Autographed photo book, which was cool, but doesnt compare to a show!
    So I think that everyone who mailed in there Coventry tickets for a second let down should have had priority in ALL Lotteries . And yes, Phish does have record of this and DENIED us yet another weekend of soulful bliss.
    No Im am forced to spent all my tour time looking for overpriced tickets.
    Speaking of which does anyone have any Extra Tickets for any of the shows, will trade anything, but my 401K lol

  38. is anyone else getting burned on pre-sale for tix? I out in for a total of 7 shows between the 2 presales and all I got were 1 pr of lawn (not even seats) for Mansfield. It is really discouraging, I feel like the scalpers are eating up all of the tix in these online purchases. I really wish they would go back to mail order so the real Phans can get tix fairly

  39. I have read that the odds for the Hampton shows were 1 in 15,000 . . . so think about it. The demand now is higher than ever before, so I would be thankful for those lawn tickets if I were you, cause many people are getting completely shut out.

  40. Hello i would like to let the public know how we are all getting ripped off by (drum roll) our old friend Ticketmaster. I along with many other fevered Phish Phans have been awaiting this summer since ’04’ in Coventry to come our way, well it did and the tickets sold out in a matter of seconds, i went online yesterday to get my tickets for the Gorge shows and guess what, as soon as the time came for them to go on sale, oooops they were sold out, hmmmmm well then i started searching around i came across several so called ticket agencies selling the 49.95 ticket price for 125. on up to 1,200 dollars (no joke) well one of these companies who have bought all the tickets from Ticket master is owned by (drum roll) Ticketmaster, thats right they buy all the tickets up and tell the fans they are sold out then turn around and post them for sale at much,much,much higher prices at another company???? Am i just dumb or our we getting takin for ride on the magical mystery ticket ride? Lets put this to rest and not feed the beast, does the boys of Phish know about this? Is this not a form of ticket scalping? What is next????? Please lets get the word out…. Like me i am sure alot of fans of Phish and other bands are being robbed and let down for not being able to see their favorite bands.

    Thank you
    Teresa Neathery
    Pacific University

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