A Slew of Clifford Ball Videos Surface

The Phish YouTube channel has been blowing up over the past 24 hours with the upload of a number of clips from the upcoming March 3rd release of The Clifford Ball DVD set. Let’s take a look at a few of ’em:


Flatbed Truck Jam



They’ve also uploaded clips of Punch You In The Eye, Bathtub Gin and Sample In A Jar thus far.

What do you think about the quality? Would you buy it?

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11 Responses

  1. note that at least the sample has an option to turn on “HQ” so the default setting is not HQ. I wouldn’t judge quality from youtube vids.

  2. The clips look and sound great.

    They should have selected one of the songs that didn’t get played in the first sets of the day so one of the clips would showcase CK5.

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