Open Thread: Phish Summer Tour Onsale

Tickets for most of Phish’s summer tour go onsale this morning and hopefully you’ve taken a few moments to familarize yourself with Live Nation’s ticketing system. Head to at 10AM EST for Jones Beach, Camden, Burgettstown and Deer Creek ducats. Asheville goes onsale at 10AM through and the remaining tickets for the Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis at 11AM EST through

Best of luck to everyone trying for tickets. At least you’re not in the cold. When you’re finished let us know how you did by leaving a comment below…

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64 Responses

  1. All I needed was ONE ticket to Asheville. We had 5 people trying, none of us could get through Ticketmaster. And as soon as I did at 9:00am the banner with tickets for sale at $250 reared it’s ugly head in my face. Why does this have to be so hard?

    Hampton – 3 lottery tries, 3 Ticketmaster tries – REJECTED
    Asheville, St. Louis, Knoxville – 2 lottery tries – REJECTED
    Asheville – 5 Ticketmast tries – REJECTED

    I am not a fan of this tour. Coventry made me jaded, I think that this might be worse.

  2. Did the Metrotix site work for ANYBODY??? I was clicking at 5 after 10 and it kept telling me tickets were not on sale. Now I can’t even get to the site. This is a joke!

  3. Dickie – St. Louis goes onsale through Metrotix @ 11

    Jennifer – That’s awful. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully some tickets come your way before the show.

  4. I just tried for the hell of it for tix, and the site is crashing. error…after waiting for 5 minutes. 10:45am and they did not fix the bugs from a 10am sale? we are screwed.

  5. This is what I got (I’m in some waiting room), haha, wtf!?!

    Due to a high volume of traffic and longer than average wait times,
    you have been placed in a temporary waiting room.

    If you continue to wait, you will be randomly placed in a queue to continue.
    You can also check back later when our site becomes available.

    Thank you for your patience.

  6. I got tickets to Deer Creek and I am pumped. I don’t even care what else goes on today or that I have to spend 8 hours in the law library researching for my memo. Woo!

  7. All I can say is wow…. unbelievable. Livenation is a total joke, both internet wise and phone. The website’s still struggling.

  8. I’m in a waiting room too, sucks.

    Did I miss something…I created a username and such but didn’t see anywhere to add payment/address info so I thought you do that at ck-out.

    So when I get to the 6 minute window it tells me my username doesn’t exist…

  9. i managed to get 4 tix to camden. I had 3 computers going and only one went throught to the page to buy tickets. Luckily I was able to get them. sorry you guys haven’t had much luck. the websites are redic.. i just tried the live nation site and it is all jacked up.

  10. I’m wondering how long it’s going to take Live Nation to sell out these shows with the slow system, ’cause as of right now, there are still tickets – people just aren’t completing the sales.

  11. everything crashed. terrible. but i got this appropriate CAPTCHA code for Jones: Unlike Gordon. wish i got a screen shot.

  12. LN is total BS!
    Timeouts and errors.
    I got as far as the CAPTCHA twice, but then got an error page.
    The system doesn’t even resemble fairness.
    “Nothing’s yours and far less mine.”

    Now to decide if I’m gonna drop $200 at stub hub.

  13. anyone still waiting in a “waiting room”? Am I being too optimistic? Those stick figures are still lighting up. I haven’t had a time out yet.

  14. I actually got through to where I could put in my billing info but the site wouldn’t let me type anything in (it crashed). Of course the clock kept running and timed me out of the tickets they were holding. Total bs.

  15. I got my hands on two tickets to Jones Beach, but I lost them because my cart got dumped. I clicked on the link to check out, but the website was bogged down and slow, and they have a timer counting down on top how long you have to complete sale. It counted down to zero, and I got a message that said, “Your ticket request is no longer valid.”

    I never thought that I’d say this but, I long for the days of Ticketmaster.

  16. I’m amazed… I have been trying repeatedly on the LN website- I finally just got through and got 2 tix (not next to eachother, figure that out) to Thursday Jones Beach…

    keep trying guys, I guess there’s hope.

  17. I was online at 9:58 eastern, by 10:02 the homepage wouldnt even load. I had a set of orchestra seats for jones beach, on my screen, but then got the error message server timed out when i tried to buy. by the time i got back in there was nothing. By 10:20 all shows in my area were sold out. Im sick of Livenation, Im sick of the whole ‘concert experience’. I wonder why they monopolize the ticket sales then do not have enough server horsepower to handle the influx of orders. I didnt want to drink $10 beers and $15 hotdogs anyway. 30 seconds after they sold out, I checked stubhub and theres seats for all the shows from $200-$2000. I refuse to pay scalpers. I’ll be missing phish for the first time in my life. Ive been a Phan since 96.

  18. WOW, my pc crashed, I rebooted and was able to get 2 tix to Star Lake! I’m in the lawn but I’ll be there!

    Good luck to the rest of you.

    After I rebooted I got in no problem and took very little time at all.

  19. Waited patiently for two hours of LN Crashes. Gave up hope and called 1-877 598-8964.
    Got two tix both nights Jones Beach.
    This whole process for the reunion shows suck! Go back to mail order those were the days

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  23. Got a pair for Jones#1 and 4 for Jones#2 (got the Jones#2 tix about noon).

    Livenation was wholly unprepared.

  24. I wrote this to my buddies while in the heat of battle with livenation…”I feel like Tom Hanks in Castaway when he’s trying to make a fire. And then he cuts his hands on the stick, and they’re all bloody. And then they go to a shot, and it’s night time and his hands are all blistery and he’s still sitting there trying to start the fire but instead of vigoriously spinning the stick, he’s just got his hands on it. That’s how I feel right now.”

    But then, at around 12:30 things opened up and I got through with 3 for both Jones Beach shows. Now I feel like the “I” in the LiveNation logo.

    Don’t give up, don’t ever give up!!!

  25. Incredibly frustrating process, lots of error messages, time outs. I had 4 tix in my cart twice for deer creek twice, but lost them due to the websites malfunctioning. Finally got through at 12:46 and got 2 for deer creek. It was a stressful 3 hours and I have to do it again tomorrow for Alpine. I wholeheartedly dislike LN!!

  26. Figure this out… at 11:45am EST, I somehow managed to snag 4 seats to JB 2nd night 6th row center, through Live Nation…. I’m FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW!!!!!

  27. Got through the words on TicketMaster in about 6 or 7 seconds for Asheville, the tickets were already gone.

  28. it seemed like the only way to get tickets was if you had the URL to get direct to the page with the select ticket quantity form.

  29. took 2 hours but got a pair of reserved for Post-Gazette. I was on the phone with a Live Nation agent and his system even crashed. Came out on top though, pretty pleased. Tomorrow should be interesting.

  30. Hey everyone,
    So I did a little research and found the Live Nation Ticketing CEO’s name and contact info. Please send emails to [email protected] to share your story about your frustrating Phish ticket buying experience this morning. Please include any constructive criticism for improving the experience for everyone!

    Thanks y’all!

  31. Pre-Order tries:
    Hampton 3 nights, 2 tickets per night – Denied
    Jones Beach 2 nights, 2 tix per night – Denied
    Greatwoods 1 night, 2 tickets – Denied
    Camden – 1 night, 2 tickets – Denied

    Public On-Sale
    Hampton – 1 ticket for ANY night – Denied
    Jones Beach – 1 ticket for ANY night – Denied
    Greatwoods – 1 ticket for ANY night – Denied
    Camden – 1 ticket for ANY night – Denied

    Ticketmaster simply sent me to their scalping site for Hampton. Not even a shot for regular tickets. Live nation, phone system crashed on Friday and after 8 and half HOURS of trying, I finally got a human being. Yes, 8 and half HOURS of constant dialing. Had to replace my battery twice. Website completely crashed and I couldn’t even load the page until after 11am. Saturday, “waiting room” online for 35 minutes then, “Sorry we’ve encountered and error”. Phones, got a human 4 hours into the day.

    Not happy. Very sad fan. I must say farwell. Will NEVER get the chance to see them again… Compeltely sucks.

  32. Live Nation sucks. End of story. Tried all day yesterday for ANY 2 tickets to ANY venue, LN site was totally siezed up … or would time out.

    Went to great woods this morning and was the victum of a hilarious lottery debacle. I was 4th in line this morning but they announced lottery. I ended up 50 pep before the end of the line of around 300 people. 2 windows were opened to handle 300+ pep. Half hour goes by, barely anyone got tickets… (a handful in 1 hour!!) Im standing in line on my PPC trying livenation website and have the wifey at home on the website. I check on the status of front of the line… 1 WINDOW HAS BEEN CLosed. Everyone slowly realizes there is no “block allotment” for the venue. They are simply ordering them online thru the system like everyone at home….

    PHONE RINGS!! 4 tickets under the shed baby!! whooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooo

    When i walked to the front of the line, they said they had been giving out lawn seats for 10 mins, this was as my credit card was being confirmed for actual SEATS.

    Anyway im happy at the end of a long day of bullshit. Only greatwoods show i ever missed was the 94 gamehenge, and just as the last time they played in mansfield…

    ….Its been such a long time……

  33. Hey, I managed to score 4 tickets to the Fabulous Fox theater in StL. through metrotix. I was denied at first then all of a sudden the screen popped up with 4 tix 15 rows from the stage. This venue only holds between 4000-5000 people so it was a pleasent suprise!

  34. the site certainly crashed hard for 2 hours friday, but then the tix were flowing. I had no problem second day scoring 100s for everything within 20 mins…i give the award to nashville’s ticket system- somehow, that worked great…fox’s metrotix was more comedic than anything.

    2 star lake lawn for your 100 level Camden

  35. plus, pavilions kept popping up long after many quit….In the end, LN = TM, but LN has higher chages….somehow a 42 dollar ticker winds up being 62! That’s a 50% service fee/tax…somewhat crazy

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  37. i had 3 pavs for great woods, timer went from 9:50 to 0:01 in the span of 1 minute.

    got a lawn in the end

    then tried alpine – 3 times had pavs or lawn, 3 times i had my CCminfo in, 3 times i lost the tickets for no discernable reason other than live nation SUCKING

  38. It happens to the best of them. There is just simply nothing any server can do when several millions of people hit the same website within 10 seconds. Ticketmaster’s site blew up this morning and posted a “routine maintenance” message for 3 Bruce Springsteen shows that went up for sale today.

    Consumers need to be more educated and realize that popular ticket onsales are messy and not everyone gets tickets. If you really want tickets to the show that has 100 times the demand of available seats, then you should have someone at home trying on the computer and someone at a Blockbuster location… and you should both be calling Live Nation on the phone at the same time. Good luck, no need to whine if you’re prepared to fight for tickets to these popular shows.

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