I’m So Compressed: Trey Responds

A few weeks ago, a group calling themselves People For A Compressed Trey pooled their resources on Phantasy Tour’s message board to send Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio a vintage Ross Compressor. These folks made the decision that Trey’s tone wasn’t cutting it anymore and decided to tell the legendary guitarist what he should sound like.

Phish lyricist Tom Marshall delivered Anastasio the pedal and shared the following hand written response from Big Red…

It’s good to see Trey’s still got a sense of humor. Time will tell if the guitarist actually uses the device or continues to trust his own instincts on his sound. In all seriousness, good job PTers. Way to use that place for something positive, kinda. Here’s what Tom Marshall posted on PT…

it couldn’t have gone better!

Trey loves it, and he will use it. He was extremely appreciative as you can see by his note!

He said: “people would be hard-pressed to find an equivalent story in music history” He is excited and happy that people actually noticed the missing Ross, and is putting it back in his rig!

Check out the photos, and I will be back on tonight at 9pm for a final discussion and details.



I’d better post before 499!

Actually, I just want to say again — Trey really is going to use it in his rig. He really was very touched by the gesture. He enjoyed the card and laughed looking at some of your PT names, and at the dinosaur on the back. We both feel that this is one of the best fan/band moments in history.

Good job PT and everyone who contributed.

What a cool day!


Meanwhile, the boards are abuzz with rumors of a Summer tour announcement coming soon. We haven’t heard anything definative but Coventry claims the band will play three nights at Denver’s Pepsi Center in April and five nights at Red Rocks during the summer. Todd from Jamtopia thinks June 26 and 27 are set for Alpine Valley. Stay tuned.

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  1. Get a job hippies. Actually great work done by the PTers. If he wants that Maserati I think he’s going to have to agree to get the band to play Joe Walsh’s Lifes Been Good as a clever tonuge-in-cheek nod.

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