HT Giveaway: Freaks Ball IX Tickets

Freaks Ball IX
January 10, 2009
Brooklyn, USA
Doors at 8pm, music starts at 8:30

Doors open at 8pm and we’ll be spinning the new Derek Trucks album (releasing 1/13) to get the party warmed up. In addition, there will be three Sixpoint beers (Sweet Action, Brownstone, Apollo Wheat to be specific) on tap for $4 each from 8-10, so get to the bar early and often. Tickets are $25, so get ’em now. No guarantee they’ll be available at the door.

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17 Responses

  1. Celebrating Scotty B’s superb download of the MMJ MSG show and ALSO, MOST IMPORTANTLY, celebrating return of Phish to NY in June….

  2. I’m confused.
    I don’t see what this post has to do with Phish?
    seriously though Metzger’s gonna be a tired, tired man when this night is all over.

  3. Seeing as both Scott’s will be at the show (taper Scott B streaming the show via radiojohnson), we’ll finally be able to see who is cooler!

    I’ll be celebrating Obama’s win, a new baby on the way, and 9 years of late nights with the NYC-Freaks.

  4. I am hoping to be celebrating the Tennessee Titans playoff win over the Baltimore Ravens!!! And if the game goes into overtime, well, I’ll just have faith that Danjaboots will hold off on hitting on stage until it’s official! Then Jack Daniels will be my hot date for the night.

    Provided this is not the glorious outcome (which I’m confident won’t be the case) I will show up @ Southpaw wearing tears. Many of them. Matter of fact, my shirt may be wet. So I’ll be looking for a good way to dry those tears rocking out with good friends, listening to good music, celebrating birthdays, rejoicing baby births and having a better night than the way it started. And I’ll continue to keep my shirt wet with sweat from dancing my face off.

    And yet another celebration: I may be celebrating the adoption and survival of a rescue dog!! The North Shore Animal League’s Mobile Adoption group will be @ the Bean Coffee Shop on 3rd St & 1st Ave hosted by Social Tees on 1/10/09 from 12 to 7 and I plan to save a life and take home a new pup! I hope he likes football…

  5. I’d love to go! I’d be celebrating my new goofy haircut–drinking lots of beer and seeing music seems to be the only thing that can take my mind off it.

  6. i am so excited my underwear hurts.
    friday preball??
    Jenny at LPR; Big Sam ay SulliHall
    and o’ course
    Jaik Miller Band at The Bitter End at rock and roll elevenish.
    see u everywhere;
    i got eyes that do that.

  7. i’m celebrating still having a job – w/ 180 layoffs in my company – seeing NMS the 1st month of the new year as well as $4 six point brews
    mmmmm beer

  8. and another thing.
    the truth is
    as much as i do love RANA and TNMsnds
    i am totally over the moon (which is over my hammy)
    about seeing my first
    i have known Rodney for about 3hundred years
    and this man is an authority on pretty much everything rock and roll.
    it is uncanny.
    i can’t wait to
    Watch Rodney Do His Thing.
    like Main Source (sic)

  9. I’m with Mr. Jaik on this – I will personally be celebrating the awesomeness that is the Rodney Speed Experience – and if we’re lucky, we’ll get a Metzger sit-in on War Pigs!

  10. I’ll be celebrating…

    – (an easy #1) RODNEY SPEED!!! Nobody makes me more happy than that guy.

    – My birthday (it was last Sat, but I’m a fan of celebrating Birthday Month). Anyone who missed my birthday party can feel free to buy me a beer.

    – The fact that this is just blocks from my house! Setbreaks at my place!

    – Getting to spend one of my last nights in the city partying HARD with all my friends before I leave town for 2 months.

    – The fact that I actually have a job for the next 2 months!

    – That I don’t have anything to do on Sunday and might only get out of bed to eat brunch.

    – And, of course, The Freaks! I’m super glad I got to hook up with everyone when I moved to the city a few years ago. You like raging hard to good music with fun friends…that’s pretty much what I’m all about.

  11. I’ll be celebrating the first great show I get to see in ’09, and celebrating good times with good people, hopefully!

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