Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Blitzen’s Psychedelic Furr

Around this time last year I kicked off my semi-regular Better Than Noodling column with a post on on the Grateful Dead meets Pavement stylings of Blitzen Trapper. The band, who seemingly toured like a jamband in ’08, released their new album- Furr – this fall which is chocked full of their backwoods-indie-psychedelia containing a mix jangly guitars, beefy organ, plunking banjo and harmonica and plenty of weird blips and beeps.

The Portland-based band along with a number of other notable area acts are helping to reclaim the Pacific Northwest’s stronghold as the epicenter of music once again. Let’s check out the album-titled lead single…


Blitzen Trapper will play a free show to celebrate their hometown Crystal Ballroom’s 95th birthday on January 25, before hitting the road for a month long tour that kicks off on February 18 – and includes two New York City area dates at Bowery Presents venues.

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  1. I’m really digging this post! great work on this site, the lead singer voice really reminds me of Bob Dylans…

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