Video: Hidden Track – The Best Around

Hidden Track Unofficially Wins 2008 Best Music Blog Award


Thanks to our loyal readers, family and friends for voting. Winners will be officially announced on Thursday morning. We’ll have more at that time.

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17 Responses

  1. Where else could I get tranny titty shots on the beach asking readers for captions?

    Good work, doods.

    This site is a daily stop and has been since its inception.

    Love it.

  2. Congrats (unofficially)
    I check out Hidden Track at least once everyday, love it. You guys have turned me onto many things other then just Phish, DMB, etc. not just music either.


  3. Meh. This place has jumped the shark. Bring back Ace! (Just kidding. Nice work. Not bad for a couple of Tribesmen who like it the rock and the roll music)

  4. If there was a “best editor” category, Scotty B would have won that one in a landslide too. Congrats B – you deserve it!!!!

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