Phish Apologizes For Ticket Snafus

Tickets for most of Phish’s summer tour went onsale this weekend through’s brand new ticketing system and by all accounts the process was a disaster. Many fans were able to put tickets into their virtual shopping carts only to be kicked out before being able to complete their purchases. The band has remained quiet about the situation until this afternoon.

They’ve just posted the following apology on

We have heard from many fans regarding this past weekend’s onsales, particularly the shows that went on sale via Live Nation’s website. Many of you experienced extremely long wait times, error messages, and quite simply, an inability to get through and purchase tickets. Clearly, the system was unable to handle the extraordinary demand. We’re very sensitive to making the process of getting Phish tickets as straightforward as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your continued support and patience.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know?” Ticketmaster knows how to sell tickets and the past few days have taught us that the newbs at Live Nation have a lot to learn about the business. Hopefully the massive demand and slew of issues with the onsales haven’t shut out too many of the band’s loyal fans.

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  1. I remember trying to buy Red Rocks tix through Ticketmaster years ago. 4 phones, constant dialing, constant busy signals. ’04 wasn’t any better. Endless delays on the Ticketmaster site. The only thing different this time around is it’s LN, not TM. Bottom line is that everyone who wanted a ticket wasn’t getting one. Just like Red Rocks. Just like ’04.

  2. Ticketmaster (aka ticketbastard) has SUCKED for YEARS – it’sbeen impossilbe for fans to obtain tickets AND TM charges exhorbitant “handling”charges up to %30 % of the ticket price…. i applaud the effort to try something new with someone other than the existing monopoly and, despite some issues, thought the process overall was a major improvement. I hope some day that Phish goes back to the old mail order system with a priority for real fans – determined by frequent flyer and DS subscibers, but in the mean time, i finally got some tickets again. thank you.

  3. Here’s what I want to know. How can tickets go on-sale, or so they say they do. Then, you go on places like ebay, stub-hub, or tickets now..a short time after and tix are for sale on there. How is this fucking legal? Why are these companies allowed to f*ck with the system.
    This is why the economy is going for shit. Why even put tix on sale or even put a tour together if your “fans” or people who have “invested” in your music not allowed the chance to buy tickets to your event.

    I commend Pearl Jam for trying to bring TM down in the late 90’s..but this kind of thing is even worse. F*ck Live Nation and ticket scalper scum.

  4. i harken back to the day when phish did actual mail order with money orders, etc. i understand that phish does not wnat to hire people to go through mail order’s, but back then, the actual fans actually got tickets.

    i have been denied every time ever since phish stopped doing its own mail order. it really sucks and is turning me, a fan and supporter since 1991, off. fuck.

  5. Perhaps someone should comment on the apology itself. I think that it is great of the band to recognize what happened, and offer an apology. Once again, this goes to show that they really do care for their fans, and it makes me very happy to be such a fan of these guys. I saw this and immediately thought back to IT, and the sign that was at the entry to the concert field: Our intent is your delight.

  6. … look on the WSJ’s website and see an article speaking of a potential Ticketmaster/ Live Nation merger. Great. Antitrust? No?

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