Friday’s Leftovers: The Merc To Close?!?!

As if the Downtown New York City music scene hasn’t taken enough body blows in recent years, the building that houses The Mercury Lounge has been put up on the market according to Curbed. Does anyone have an extra $6.5 million to keep the joint a music venue? We’d be sad to see it go.

Let’s take one last look at stories from around the web…

Wilco has always had the backs of independent record stores, so it’s no surprise their new concert DVD will be available first at indie stores. You can buy the DVD on Record Store Day (April 18) exclusively at indie retailers.

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  1. Don’t worry, Mercury Lounge’s lease runs through 2018. The new owner will have the pleasure of indie rock’s finest night in and night out for at least the next 9 years. Hey, I guess if someone buys the place, they can get into shows for free, right?? Anybody wanna go in on this??



    Hope it’s not true. I feel like that magazine has covered the music I’ve listened to for the past 15 years better than any other. In ’93 when I listened to The Dead and Traveler, Relix covered ’em. In 1997 when I couldn’t get enough of Phish and Panic, Relix covered ’em. And look at their last issue: Animal Collective, Ryan Adams and Umphrey’s. That’s me.

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