Stormy Mondays: Regaining Moe.Mentum

moe. is returning to New York City for the first time in eight months this weekend, so this week’s Stormy Mondays is a preview of the Valentine’s celebration (massacre?) at Terminal 5 on February 13 and 14.

[Photo by Jeremy Gordon]

Of all the many talents the upstate quintet can boast, from blazing bouts of double guitar rock to the baddest vibraphone player in jamnation, certainly one of their best is their almost preternatural ability to sculpt a 30 to 40 minute suite; countless shows feature a glorious patch of lost time, or two or three, where the music just flows and the transitions are as clean and cool as they get. That’s the case here with the opener from 2007’s – a great year for moe. – 10K Lakes set: The Road > Lazarus > Skrunk > The Road. That final little arrow is simply brilliant. As always, enjoy!

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