Review: Cat Power @ The Apollo Theater

Her take on Fortunate Son was a highlight and allowed her band, which seemed to be holding back most of the night to let her voice take center stage, a chance to open things up and show their chops.

As a nod to the hometown crowd, which was pin-drop silent for most of the night, the band belted out a barely recognizable version of New York, New York.

The show was impressive but it would have been nice to hear a few truly upbeat songs. I’ve marveled at the Cat Power version of Bob Dylan’s Stuck Inside of Moblle with the Memphis Blues Again from the
I’m Not There Soundtrack since it came out. That, or something with similar energy, would have be a nice change of pace for a few minutes. But what she did she did well and there’s no doubt if you want a mellow night of music, Cat Power delivers.

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  1. I saw Friday night’s show. About the same as reviewed here. One thing I can add, though–the Apollo has really oppressive security. I thought this eleven years ago when I saw P-Funk there, and I was reminded again last Friday. I will never see another show there again. Nazi’s!

  2. i was at the friday night show and i left very disappointed. she needs to mix up her sets quite a bit. bring out some older songs. and she didn’t even have an encore song what the fuck!?!? but her voice is lovely nonetheless but she could have been A LOT better

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