Wilco: Ashes of American Flags Trailer

I love putting together my best live concert dvd lists each year and I’d be surprised if Wilco’s first-ever live DVD doesn’t grab a top spot. Ashes of American Flags hits indie record stores on April 18 in celebration of Record Store Day. The film was recorded at shows in New Orleans, Nashville, Tulsa, Mobile and Washington D.C. during last year’s leg of the Sky Blue Sky tour.

As if we weren’t excited enough, Wilco just put the Ashes of American Flags trailer up on their website and it looks f’awesome. We also came across the tracklist for the release…

Ashes of American Flags, Side with the Seeds, Handshake Drugs, The Late Greats, Kingpin, Wishful Thinking, Impossible Germany, Via Chicago, A Shot in the Arm, Monday, You Are My Face, Heavy Metal Drummer, War on War

Bring that shit to me, mang.

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