Video: Joaquin Phoenix Bombs on Letterman

Poor Leaf Phoenix. He’s either lost it or he’s punking everyone…


Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman

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7 Responses

  1. Having watched it last night, I can say that this guy is in need of some help. Maybe we’ll see him on the next season of Celebrity Rehab, followed by an encore performance on Sober House.

  2. He’s punking everyone. C’mon, this man is a great actor, a performance like this is cake. And did you notice at the end he stands up and takes his glasses off and starts talking directly to Letterman? Dave was in on it too…

  3. I say it is an acid trip. He is not the first I have seen in this type of Letterman situation. Take a look at one of the Letterman interviews with Crispin Glover! Maybe its an insider dare thing. To be in the elite club you have to do a live interview on Letterman while seriously tripping!

  4. Joaquin likes to take roles as the odd man out, but that works for him as an actor so this interview with Letterman might complement his career

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