Briefly: Charges Against Bill McKay Dropped

We’d love to be a fly on the wall at the next Leftover Salmon rehearsal. You may recall that Leftover Salmon keyboard wiz Billy McKay was arrested last month on suspicion of sexual assault that stems from an incident after his solo band’s New Years’ gig. The day after McKay’s arrest, Drew Emmitt of LoS threw his bandmate under the bus in an interview with the Daily Camera:

“We have been aware of Bill’s drinking problem for a long time,” Emmitt said. “We’ve been trying to help him, but we knew he was going down this path. He’s been really lucky that something bad hasn’t happened before this.

“He’s no longer with this band.”

Emmitt retracted his statements the following day including the bit about McKay being kicked out of the band. Yesterday, the Eagle County district attorney’s office announced that the charges against McKay had been dropped due to lack of evidence. As of now, the only show on Leftover Salmon’s schedule is an appearance at Del McCoury’s DelFest on May 23 in Cumberland, MD. Hopefully Bill and Drew will squash their beef with a Mixed Martial Arts fight before the show. Bet that would sell some tickets.

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  1. that’s your blog? interesting, but seems like it ended really abruptly. and what does mixed martial arts have do with anything?

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