Briefly: Need A Miracle? A Possible Alternative to Both Ticketmaster and Live Nation

A press release issued today by Show Clix, a ticketing company based out of Pittsburgh, stated that they will be establishing what they call a ‘Fair Ticketing Fund’ which is a:

Multi-million dollar [fund] to help venues and event promoters become independent of the company being created through the Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger. Through the fund, ShowClix will provide venues and promoters who want to operate independent of Ticketmaster/Live Nation with tens of thousands of dollars in funding; a new ticketing system, at no cost; and a significant reduction in service fees for their ticket buyers.

We, the fans, have been waiting for a miracle. Perhaps this is it? One can only hope that promoters and venues who want to offer their customers an alternative to Ticketmaster will look to this as a viable option.

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6 thoughts on “Briefly: Need A Miracle? A Possible Alternative to Both Ticketmaster and Live Nation

  1. o_crunk Reply

    Eff The POLICE!!!

    Support live local music. I just saw MMW tonight at LPR and didn’t pay one dollar in fees.


    There’s good music out there…that’s NOT IN ANY ARENA. That doesn’t have to go through any PROMOTER ($$$$$$$).

    The Phish is over. The phish, the phish is over! {/BDP}

    This just sounds like PONZI scheme. (sound familiar?!?!?). If it’s too good to be true…it is. Go down the block…support your peeps. The next Phish is there…

    I chased Phish around for 10 years trying to recreate The Great Went…guess what…COVENTRY is the END!

    You young bucks…go for it. You peeeps who know better…shame on you!!!!!

    I be well. Have fun.


  2. Zac Reply

    TicketBiscuit (based in Birmingham, Alabama) launched a similar project last week. Read more about it here.

  3. Ross Reply

    Is it just me or does this sound too good to be true? It just doesn’t seem feasible.

  4. Jennifer Kirk Reply

    Here in Nashville, the Exit/In uses Ticket Biscuit and Mercy Lounge uses Ticketweb. Both are pretty compareable and the service fees are pretty nominal. There ARE other ticketing systems out there, if only a significant portion of venues/promoters would utilize something other than Ticketmaster/Live Nation…perhaps an email to your local venue would help?

  5. Sneakin Sally Reply

    my friend just told me he doesn’t have my hampton tickets. i just told him i dont have a friend.

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