Briefly: Need A Miracle? A Possible Alternative to Both Ticketmaster and Live Nation

A press release issued today by Show Clix, a ticketing company based out of Pittsburgh, stated that they will be establishing what they call a ‘Fair Ticketing Fund’ which is a:

Multi-million dollar [fund] to help venues and event promoters become independent of the company being created through the Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger. Through the fund, ShowClix will provide venues and promoters who want to operate independent of Ticketmaster/Live Nation with tens of thousands of dollars in funding; a new ticketing system, at no cost; and a significant reduction in service fees for their ticket buyers.

We, the fans, have been waiting for a miracle. Perhaps this is it? One can only hope that promoters and venues who want to offer their customers an alternative to Ticketmaster will look to this as a viable option.

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6 Responses

  1. Eff The POLICE!!!

    Support live local music. I just saw MMW tonight at LPR and didn’t pay one dollar in fees.


    There’s good music out there…that’s NOT IN ANY ARENA. That doesn’t have to go through any PROMOTER ($$$$$$$).

    The Phish is over. The phish, the phish is over! {/BDP}

    This just sounds like PONZI scheme. (sound familiar?!?!?). If it’s too good to be true…it is. Go down the block…support your peeps. The next Phish is there…

    I chased Phish around for 10 years trying to recreate The Great Went…guess what…COVENTRY is the END!

    You young bucks…go for it. You peeeps who know better…shame on you!!!!!

    I be well. Have fun.


  2. Here in Nashville, the Exit/In uses Ticket Biscuit and Mercy Lounge uses Ticketweb. Both are pretty compareable and the service fees are pretty nominal. There ARE other ticketing systems out there, if only a significant portion of venues/promoters would utilize something other than Ticketmaster/Live Nation…perhaps an email to your local venue would help?

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