Downloads: Phish Soundboard Tracks Leak

Finding new Phish soundboard recordings has proved as elusive as finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The Phish organization has done too good of a job locking their vault down… until this week.

Yesterday, our friend Mr. Miner posted The Victor Disc – a collection of jams the band laid down in a New York City studio back in December of 2002. Today, we came across a link to an incredible mix of soundboard tunes I’ve never heard before, so we wanted to share them with you. These tracks were uploaded as 128kbps MP3s, but look for FLACs to find their way to your favorite bit torrent site soon.

We start with three dazzling gems from a rare “Unplugged” Phish performance at Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit in 1998. First up are a crystal-clear recordings of Harry Hood and Wading In A Velvet Sea followed by Young sitting in with Phish on his own Helpless. Next up, we’ve got one of more energetic moments in Phish history: the 1999 opener from New Year’s Eve ’98 – ’99 at Madison Square Garden as well as the jammed out Ghost, Runaway Jim and Cities from that show. Finally, this SBD compilation contains a few tracks from August 7, 1998 at Walnut Creek including the Forbin’s Narration, Bittersweet Motel, Mike’s Song and another Wading In The Velvet Sea.

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  1. please remove this asap. source is unknown and very very poor. wait for pure, digital, lossless(flac) source to come out.

  2. One guy says FLAC is coming, other guy says FLACs will never surface. Please note I’m just linking to this download. I’m not hosting it and I didn’t post it on Phantasy Tour.

  3. MAYBE victor disc violates Phish’s trading policy, but the other SBDs clearly do not. Phish has always allowed trading of SBDs of live shows – just not trading of versions they release commercially as LivePhish (or otherwise).

  4. I’m all for NOT stealing music, but in this case I don’t think it’s a huge deal…one d/l is a disc of jamming that likely would not have been released officially anyway and the other is a compilation, meaning that value of the whole shows that the songs come from are intact…think of it as a sampler.

    In addition to that this band has gotten a RIDICULOUS amount of money out of me over the last 14 years so I’m not all that concerned about a couple discs of free music!

  5. I’ll go ahead an suggest that all these “leaks” are probably an orchestrated viral marketing effort. Phish doesn’t need to get new fans, just excite the old ones. This stuff doesn’t just grow legs and walk out of the vault. The more excited we are about their return, the more likely we’ll be excited enough to drop 80 bucks on clifford ball dvds.

  6. Why is everyone wanting them to take this article down? I agree with stealy_fan, they have plenty of money and I have helped get them rich. This was probably “leaked” by Phish themselves.

  7. you guys know about the opener pool?

    win over $100.

    here’s the list so far:

    Makisupa Policeman – unclejohn
    You Enjoy Myself – messengerbird
    2001 – Heather
    Wilson – Scott (aka WhatstheUse?)
    The Curtain With – August
    Chalk Dust Torture – caravan2001
    David Bowie – Freya
    Runaway Jim – Aaron
    Run Like an Antelope – birdman
    Down with Disease – Ryan
    Tube – Ali
    The Curtain – chriskovach
    Mike’s Song – Steven B
    Destiny Unbound – Worm
    Golgi Apparatus – blatboom
    Simple – mandi
    Punch You in the Eye – cactusfan
    Piper – Hicks
    Bouncing Around the Room – Barret
    AC/DC Bag – adam B.
    Wolfman’s Brother – Trub
    Llama – Duck

  8. you people are crazy for bitching about taking down a post for violating policy? c’mon – seriously? This is a few songs..that’s it. Phish themselves have leaked complete shows in the past, yes they have. This ain’t gonna deter me any less from still purchasing on or what have. I find it comical to read somebody raising a read flag over this download – when all HT did was share a download link. They aren’t hosting it. Lighten up.

  9. Agree with stealy and Sean…These few freebies will not stop me from buying Phish music from their site. It is just an incentive to go find more music from them that reinforces what I hear, here. If anyone thinks that these few SBD’s will break the bank, get real. If you are a true fan, you will support the band by purchasing their product and taking the occasional freeby as a thank you from the band for supporting them. I don’t know any of the band members personally, but I am willing to bet if they knew about this, they would not call their attorneys and shut down this site. Don’t mean to offend anyone, just thinking out loud.

  10. Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.’ Says it all and Hampton is a cover tune factory. Plus Page can go nuts for a while right off the bat.

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