Friday Mix Tape: Buckshot Edition

If you’re ever in need of a good gift idea, this random assortment of music for this week’s Friday Mix Tape comes from my little brother’s Christmas gift this past year. He plopped his entire music catalog onto an 80 gig harddrive and presto, the best gift ever. So, today’s mixtape is just a smattering of different stuff I found in perusing the halls of the new library.

We kick off with the cathartic finale of Roger Water’s live performance of the Wall, Outside the Wall, performed in almost a Celtic feel. Day of the Locusts is a fabulous Bob Dylan song off New Morning, the album better known for hosting Man in Me of Lebowski fame, but less so for the rest of the songs. After hitting the cheerful virtuoso number Big Country by Bela Fleck, Mike Marshall, and Edgar Meyer off Uncommon Ritual, we take a trip back in time for some Bone Thugs n’ Harmony and Tha Crossroads. From there, we have a couple of Bob Marley gems including an extended live No Woman, No Cry and an instrumental demo of Time Will Tell, which sounds like it leaked just before Bob hit the studio to layer on his vocals tracks.

Next, we bounce back to Jerry Douglas for another uplifting instrumental, Snow’s First Fall, off his solo release The Best Kept Secret. Then back to some hip hop with Jurassic 5’s Concrete Schoolyard off their original EP. Finally, we close with the bluegrass pickers on the title track off Josh Bell and Edgar Meyer’s crossover classical album, Short Trip Home. I actually used this tune in my wedding ceremony, yet not one single person recognized it, so was pleasantly surprised to see it appear on the playlist.

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