Stormy Mondays: Covering The Band

This week’s Stormy Monday celebrates the music of The Band – potentially the greatest music ever made. The covers begin with Ohio’s own ekoostik hookah killing Don’t Do It, a regular set opener for the Woodstock collective, but a tune that this group uses as a closer, and this version will make clear why. Next is the Zen Tricksters with WS Wolcott Medicine Show, a staple in their sets for years, although they’re the only band I know who covers the tune, and then a David Nelson led 4:20 All Stars performance of The Shape I’m In – that’s Bobby Vega busting out the bass lines.

Back in the fall, Wilco released a great version of I Shall Be Released with help from Fleet Foxes as part of Headcount’s voter registration campaign, and then the Phil Lesh Quintet gives a nice long take on Acadian Driftwood on spring tour in 2001. To close it all out is WSP with Chest Fever, but we’ve only just scratched the surface here and we’ll be back with a second installment before too long. As always, enjoy.

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  1. Good calls, all, Dan. PLQ used to just kill on those Band covers , didn’t they? Those harmonies on “Acadian Driftwood” between Warren, Rob and Phil just nestled right in there. Same with “Broken Arrow” (not technically a Band song, but close enough, right?)

  2. Yeah, Driftwood was such a great tune to cover too. There was a Beacon version I loved, maybe 12/1/01 or somewhere on that run. Knocked me right out.

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