HeadCount Reveals Post-Election Gameplan

After an incredibly successful election season that saw the non-partisan group register 105,697 voter registration, you couldn’t blame the folks at HeadCount for taking a break before gearing up for the 2010 midterm elections. Yet, that’s not what happened. As soon as last year’s election was over the HeadCount team started putting together a plan to step up its efforts to engage the political arena beyond voter registration.

The HeadCount organization has offered the first glimpse of its post-election gameplan, launching a poll to ask music fans what political issues should be the highest priority for Congress and the Obama administration. The poll can be found at www.HeadCount.org or by clicking here. The organization will then “stage letter-writing and awareness campaigns based on the results of this survey,” according to the website.

“We have a lot of big plans for 2009,” said HeadCount’s Executive Director Andy Bernstein. “Registering voters is just the first step. There are many ways for our community to be socially and politically active. That’s what we’re trying to achieve.”

The letter-writing campaign will debut at the Phish shows in Hampton. Anyone who stops by the HeadCount table will be able to pick any issue and complete a pre-printed letter to their Congressional representative, adding their own comments. This will extend to other concerts in the Spring and Summer, including the upcoming Dead Tour. “Government works for us,” Bernstein said. “We put them in office. Now it’s time for some hands-on management.” Make your voice heard by filling out HeadCount’s survey.

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