MP3 Boot Camp: Coventry To Hampton

Last week, we presented DaveO’s series of articles about what the members of Phish have been up to for the past five years called Coventry To Hampton. Within each column were comprehensive playlists featuring each member’s solo material as well as the Phish tunes they played since the band broke up. By popular demand, we’ve got links to downloads of MP3 files of every song from every playlist in the Coventry to Hampton series.

We’re still on the lookout for the McGrupp and Catapult that Trey played back on November 10, 2005 in Buffalo and any other tracks we may have missed last week, so leave us a comment if you’ve got a lead on those tracks. Also, a number of additions have been made to the playlists since the articles initially ran. Be sure to check out the articles again for the full playlists.

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  1. once again, awesome series

    downloads are going to be great for road trip, and i wont be violating my number one rule which is no phish on the way to the show

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