Countdown to Hampton: A Local’s Guide

Longtime Phish fan David Paul Kleinman lives in Hampton and has put together a kickass list of restaurants, bars, liquor stores and points of interest for those attending the shows next weekend. The crab cakes from the Surf Rider look particularly tasty, but alas with no car I’ll be stuck on the Coliseum / W. Mercury Blvd. strip all weekend. Anyone have any suggestions for restaurants, bars or liquor stores within walking distance of the venue?

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  1. Thank you!!! Awesome!!! Is there a ‘best’ way to drive into Hampton from Norfolk Fri eve around 7:30 to get to the show? (flight comes into Norfolk airport 6:30) Are there usually traffic jams etc?

  2. I gave up my rezzie and switched to the Sheraton in Norfolk. It just made sense. I’m flying into Norfolk, Kimock is playing The Norva (twice!), and CID is running the shuttle to the Coliseum. Gives me a chance to check out a new town.

  3. Traffic is really bad into Hampton from Norfolk on Friday nights. I’m crossing my fingers for you, vtliving.

    Dayjob 1978 – Norfolk’s a great little city. Good call on that. I just want to be able to put my feet up and decompress five minutes after the show, so I’m staying on the strip.

  4. karma – David Paul Kleinman also got a ticket today! Hooray DPK. it just works out for peeps like who that spend some time compiling a very useful list for all of us.

    mucho, mucho thanx goes out to DPK for his Norfolk/Hampton townie knowledge.


    see y’all at the taphouse.

  5. thanks again..i got to change my flight at no cost to arrive at 3pm. that should help ii hope. but, in case I am still late, can someone please ask the band to throw on the ‘jungle book soundtrack’ and kick back till i arrive? lol

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