God Street Wednesday: My Favorite Song

When it comes to God Street Wine, I’ve had the same favorite song since I first heard Bag in 1993 – Goodnight Gretchen. The combination of Lo Faber’s lyrics, Aaron Maxwell’s incidenary slide playing and the rhythm section’s tight groove always gets me going. The song became a staple of God Street’s repertoire and offered plenty of room for improvisation over the years.

On December 26, 1996 God Street Wine descended upon Irving Plaza to deliver the first of two amazing shows to the New York City faithful. While I remember the second show as the scorcher, the first show was memorable for an incident during Goodnight Gretchen when all of the sudden a bunch of schwilled out wooks climbed on stage and danced around for a bit during Bevo’s solo before stage diving. You’d expect that kind of shit at a Mighty Mighty Bosstones show not a jamband gig. Let’s look at the video the band shot from the balcony of that Goodnight Gretchen…

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  1. Great post Scotty. That’s a ripping Gretchen.

    I was there the next night, it was my first time at Irving Plaza and my first time seeing GSW – can’t say I actually recall much of anything about that show.

  2. There was once a song they did 4/23/96 during Assembly B called “My Water Bottle” – it was the only time they ever played it and it was in the HGHS gym. That song was truly amazing and afterward I had Maia anally dicharge some liquids into a water bottle which I kept for 10 years. Nobody could touch said water bottle. Then we banged during activity period and 9 months later, a little hippie wook effer popped out of her vajeen. I quickly bounced for DC and she moved to Maine to roll around in mud. That is, as the saying goes, my weesh. PS: I heart when my gf queefs.

  3. Those are some really weird comments. Old axes to grind to GSW? Annnnnnnyways… solid post, thanks Scotty!

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