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Earlier today, a couple of Phish-related blogs picked up on a message from a Twitter account labeled Page_McConnell saying “is absolutely amazed, exhausted and exhilarated, but it’ll all be worth it! We promise.” Considering how quiet the band members have been since they announced their return it struck me as odd that “the quiet one” would be promising anything. Turns out my suspicions were correct, Phish’s publicist has confirmed to HT that “The Chairman of the Boards” doesn’t have a Twitter account.

[Photo by Jeremy Gordon]

Fake Page’s previous tweets including “is thinking Chalkdust” and “Staying happy and healthy. Sleeping in my own bed. Trying not to focus too much on secondhand sources and random gossip” were also giveaways that Mr. McConnell wasn’t behind the messages. Mike Gordon – on the other hand – does have a Twitter account that is authentic, which he hasn’t updated since late December. The band itself also has a Twitter account, but they only use it to post headlines of news stories.

Phish fans are an amazing bunch, but they also love to start fake rumors. Can you imagine starting a fake Twitter account just to screw with other fans? As Page said back in June, “Try not to focus too much on secondhand sources and random gossip. If there is anything real to announce, it will come from the four of us as a group.” Shoulda warned about Fake Leo’s!

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  1. Since so much of the Internet is sadly used as a collection of misdirection plays, set-ups and scam-based hijinx, this Page related hoax should come as no surprise. I did, however, hear that the band’s practices have been on-point with stellar results. I can’t make it, but best of times to all you making the trip to Virginia…

  2. Bobby – Did you hear that from someone you 100% trust? I’ve been forwarded a couple of e-mails that originated from a post on Phantasy Tour (username: kentalope) talking about how the practices were “so good the band wishes the shows were right now.” Could be fake as well.

  3. just as much crap comes from those message boards as good. Not here at the HT though. Scotty B. shaves domepiece and pops lollipop in mouth.

    it’s always better to be surprised than disappointed.

    I never go into a show expecting everything, because you’ll only be disappointed. I hope for the best and ride the noodle train to the station.

    stay immune to the hype phans.

  4. i have heard first hand from someone who has witnessed both the nov’ and jan’ practice sessions that all is right in the world and they do in fact sound smokin’ – this is not a rumor, i’m not “connected”, just lucky to know someone who is even luckier than me.

    enjoy hampton…

  5. Bobby M, you shouldn’t hate on fake phish rumors. If you had started that twitter you’d think the whole thing is absolutely hilarious. Trust me, I was in on the Fishman wind turbine accident one. Its a hell of a lot of fun and totally harmless.

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  7. I couldn’t imagine Page twittering, much less as a source of gossip.

    then again, he did tell me that Mike has been halting progress on the new album for “artistic differences”

    take it for what it’s worth.

  8. @ page’s sandwich: There is NOTHING remotely funny about starting a false phish rumor, and how you can claim it to be “harmless” says about all anyone needs to know about you and your kind. Can’t you find something more productive to do?

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