Hampton Countdown: Hotel Issues Abound

Did you ever see the Seinfeld episode where a car rental company doesn’t honor Jerry’s reservation for a car? “But the reservation holds the car, that’s why you have reservations.” A number of Phish fans have recently found out that their hotel reservations for next weekend aren’t being honored.

Many fans staying at both the Extended Stay America and Red Roof Inn properties on “The Strip” were told that their hotels were overbooked and that their reservations have been moved to another location tens of miles away from the Coliseum. I can’t even imagine how pissed I’d be.

If you’re heading down to the shows make sure to call your hotel and confirm. If you’ve got a Hampton hotel you’re not using, please head to one of the Phish message boards and make sure another needy fan gets the room. I hate to be trite, but we’re all in this together.

Do you have a hotel or scalper horror story to share?

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  1. We are staying 15 minutes away in Norfolk. Plenty of rooms available still and shuttles to take to the show. How you get back is anyone’s guess, but does that really matter?

  2. I just got bumped from my room (3 rooms total if you count my friends). When the women called and told me it took her 15 minutes to convince me because I thought it was a friend playing a joke.

    If you got bumped, know someone who has been bumped, or just dreamed how horrible it would be to get bumped just one week away from the show…CALL YOUR HOTEL AND COMPLAIN! They should not be able to get away with stuff like this and we need to work together to make sure all reservations are honored!

  3. Biggest Fan Tickets ripped off somewhere between 30 and 60 phans (myself included) for somewhere in the range of $25-$50k total. I bought my 1st night tickets from them (aka him aka Justin Kreft) off of eBay. No tickets, no refund. Luckily Paypal is insured and reimbursing us all, but still blows. More for others than me. Check us out on Phans Against Biggest Fan Tickets

  4. Justin Kreft ripped me off also, he sold me big east basketball tickets and did not send them after I paid. He is a crook and a fraud. I hope he rots somewhere in a nice cell…Thank God for PayPal…

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