Cover Wars: Fearless Edition

Ambulance LTD: I always like it when indie bands make it into Cover Wars. They don’t cover as many songs as our jambands, and when they do – often they are obscure tunes. Source: New English EP

Blue Floyd: Blue Floyd was Allen Woody, Matt Abts (more of him later with Gov’t Mule), Marc Ford, Johnny Neel & Berry Oakley. One of the more extended takes this week. Source: 1-21-2000

Electron: Electron, a band without a website, are Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner from the Disco Biscuits with Joe Russo and Tom Hamilton. This particular recording was a surprise appearance by Electron, as it was a late-night Langerado show that was billed as a Conspirator gig. Source: 3-12-2006

Gov’t Mule: Mule first played Fearless this past Halloween in Boston during their second set made up entirely of Pink Floyd songs. Fearless has stuck around in the rotation. They pump the samples of You Will Not Walk Alone in at the end nice and loud, it’s a nice touch. Source: 2-8-2009

Keller Williams: This is a good recording from the pre-loop era of Keller, when he was just a talented guitar player and singer with a ridiculously large catalog of originals and covers. Source: 5-4-1997

Low: Not one but TWO indie bands this week. Lookout Pitchfork, we’re coming for you. Source: A Lifetime of Temporary Relief: 10 Years of B-Sides & Rarities

Marco Benevento Trio: This lineup of the Marco Benevento Trio (February 2008) featured Reed Mathis on bass and Andrew Barr on drums. However, Marc Brownstein replaces Reed for this song at Philadelphia’s World Cafe. Marco also recorded Fearless on his 2007 release Live at Tonic. Source: 2-23-2008

moe.: moe. was the motivation for this week’s selection as they debuted this cover this past weekend at The Riviera Theater in Chicago. I included a big chunk of the track before as the segue into Fearless is worth listening to. Source: 2-28-2009

Umphrey’s McGee: UM already had plenty of Pink Floyd songs in the repertoire before the Brain Damaged Eggmen (part UM part the Disco Biscuits) played their first show on Jamcruise in 2006. Since then, even more Floyd tunes have made it onto the UM stage. In addition to Fearless, UM has also borrowed Wish You Were and Comfortably Numb from the likes of BDE. This version features Brendan Bayliss on acoustic guitar for the first portion of the song. Source: 4-8-2008

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  1. I give it to the Mule… although back in the Marc Ford days, the Black Crowes did a mean Fearless with Rich on vocals that always got me goin’

  2. Before I even listen to these, my experience has been this: Bands, before you cover “Fearless”, proceed with caution. Because if you don’t do *great* job at it, you will look foolish.

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