MP3 Boot Camp: Ryan Adams Compilation

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals hit their stride last fall during a brief European Tour. The folks at Ryan Adams Archive have compiled the best tracks from the run for a fantastic three disc compilation they just posted. It’s only available as FLACs, so you’ll need to convert them yourself.

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  1. The Euro tour Ryan Adams comp was compiled by a member of, not by the guy at Coughing up Blood and Whiskey, who in fact said that on his blog when he posted the comp.

  2. That Spearhead show was actually 7/21/06 (my birthday!) and was incredible. A lot of the YELL FIRE songs were brand new at the time and Franti as usual made it a really special night.
    They followed John Brown’s Body who, unknown to us at the time, was playing on of their final shows with Kevin Kinsella in the lineup. Their set was a true barnburner and I’ll never forget that entire night. Grassroots Fest is a hidden gem and holds itself to a very high standard of quality when it comes to the music, crafts and environment. Definitely worth the trip to Itown.

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