Phish Talks And Gets Us More Excited

The members of Phish have remained awfully quiet since announcing their return in October, until today. On the eve of their three-night run at the Hampton Coliseum the band members spoke to Jon Pareles of the New York Times about the soon-to-begin second phase of their career and the answers they gave should make many fans happy.

[Jay Paul for the NY Times]

And they resolved to be the version of Phish they prized most: the intently practiced, well-prepared Phish from the mid-90s. They started their Vermont rehearsals not with their countryish three-chord songs but with their intricate, suitelike songs that verge on progressive rock, like “Split Open and Melt” and “Foam.”

We like that plan and couldn’t be more excited for the shows.

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  1. I would REALLY like to see this (next week of course):

    “Figuring out what to play for its first three reunion concerts became “one of those exercises in overthought that Phish is known for,” Mr. Anastasio said. Band members went in a circle naming the songs they wanted to play, deducted some, consulted a list of every song Phish ever played, did some trading and eventually arrived at about 80 songs. Mr. Anastasio started constructing three nights’ sets. “It’s like Tetris,” he said as he showed a visitor the list, a printout full of handwritten changes from six different pens.

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