Hampton Countdown: Phish Opener Picks

Name: Chris Cartelli
Occupation: Guitarist – Give Us The Money Lebowski
Favorite Phish Song: Lifeboy
Number of Shows Attended: 126
Opener Pick: Fluffhead

Name: Jefferson Waful
Occupation: Lighting Designer – Umphrey’s McGee
Favorite Phish Song: Stash
Number of shows attended: 125 ish
Hampton Opener Pick: Tweezer Reprise

Name: Andy Bernstein
Occupation: Executive Director – HeadCount
Favorite Phish Song: Halley’s Comet
Number of Shows Attended: 195
Opener Pick: Sanity

Name: Nick Setteducato
Occupation: Guitarist – Give Us The Money Lebowski
Favorite Phish Song: Tela
Number of Shows Attended: 15
Opener Pick: Down With Disease

Name: Scott Bernstein
Occupation: Editor-in-Chief – Hidden Track
Favorite Phish Song: Harry Hood
Number of shows attended: 160
Hampton Opener Pick: You Enjoy Myself

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50 Responses

  1. Name: Fluffdead
    Occupation: Dildo maker
    Favorite Phish Song: Fluffhead
    Number of shows attended: 100+
    Hampton Opener Pick: The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Fluffhead

  2. Name: Dean Ween
    Occupation: Boognish Technician
    Favorite Phish Song: Roses Are Free
    Number of Shows Attended: Infinite
    Hampton Opener Pick: Leave Deaner Alone

  3. Name: headyesq
    Occupation: being the shit
    Favorite Phish Song: Tela
    Number of Shows Attended: 64
    Opener Pick: YEM

  4. Name: Jennifer Kirk
    Occupation: Contributor and Fan – Hidden Track
    Favorite Phish Song: Piper/Tube/Reba
    Number of shows attended: 26
    Hampton Opener Pick: Harpua/The Curtain (With) – in the correct key this time.

  5. Name: siwook
    Occupation: fire watcher
    Favorite Phish Song: Reba
    Number of Shows Attended: 62
    Opener Pick: Divided Sky

  6. Just when I thought The Disco Biscuits couldn’t give me any more reasons to hate them, here comes another bag of dicks thinking he’s too cool for fucking school to play.

    What a turd.

  7. Wow Marc…

    About 1999 was when I stopped caring what the Disco Biscuits played…

    Have fun playing your 5000 person festies and shitty ballrooms for the rest of your careers…

    untz untz untz untz

  8. oh god, I hope Andy Bernstein is right…if they open with Sanity I’ll be the guy with a large pee stain on his jeans

  9. Name: DJ Kucinich
    Favorite Phish Song: split open and melt
    Number of shows:97
    Opener: Ha,Ha,Ha

  10. Nice Brownstein. You obviously care enough for your band to coattail a paycheck with your Virginia run leading into the Hampton shows. Douche.

  11. Name: Animal Chin
    Occupation: Phish message board moderator
    Favorite Phish Song: Ghost
    Number of Shows Attended: 12
    Opener Pick: 2001->Mikes

  12. “Nice Brownstein. You obviously care enough for your band to coattail a paycheck with your Virginia run leading into the Hampton shows. Douche.”

    hahaha. I like Disco Bisco and all, but this was pretty funny!

  13. Brwonstein – Ummm… your band is playing a warm up show, is model led after phish and the only reason you have a career is cause you were there when they took a hiatus?

    I think it would be more accurate to say that you had to stop listening to them so you had some basis for not being a total rip-off. Jack Ass.

  14. Name: Push
    Occupation: Radio Guy
    Favorite Phish Song: Lizards
    Number of Shows Attended: 30
    Hampton Opener Pick: Glide…welcome back the phans

  15. Name: Kiley Lyons
    Occupation: Rare Contributor and Fan – Hidden Track
    Favorite Phish Song: Ghost, Simple Jam
    Number of shows attended: 42 (all pre-hiatus shows) 3 post.
    Hampton Opener Pick: Reunited (Peaches & Herb)

  16. you guys ever consider that Brownie could just be kidding?
    Between the 10/30 Electron show and The Jammys he’s played a bit of Phish in the past 8 months.

  17. Name: Rob D.
    Occupation: Chef
    Favorite SONG Ever: Tube
    # of shows attended: 40+
    Hampton Opener Pick: Harpua, with an elaborate story about how the past 5 years were some fucked up dream and they never really happened.

  18. ..brownie was at brooklyn in 04. He has a shitload of respect for phish…headcount allstars etc etc..

    I don’t really care what phish opens with either, I care about how they play, which I think is more what marc was getting at.

  19. Name: guyute
    Occupation: web developer
    Favorite Phish Song: YEM
    Number of Shows Attended: 30 something
    Opener Pick: Possum
    Encore Pick: Waste

  20. Name:Frinkazoid
    Occupation:Beer and Wine sales
    Favorite Phish Song:Slave to The Traffic Light
    Number of Shows attended:56 (1994-2000)6(2002-2004)
    Opener Pick:Rock and Roll partII
    but i like the idea of Sanity, Icculus,or Harpua with the dream sequence

  21. Name: Karen
    Occupation: artist/teacher/mom
    Fav phish tune: jeezum crow..how can anyone answer that?
    # shows: too many and counting
    opener: glide (although i m hoping for a new obscure jam session)

  22. Name: Jim Jay
    Occupation: salad tosser (yes, I am waiter)
    Favorite Phish Song: chalkdust
    Number of Shows Attended: 25
    Opener Pick: PYITE
    Encore Pick: SUZY GREENBURG!

  23. Opener: The McLovins’ – Shakedown Street (Don’t tell me this BAND ain’t got no Heart)


    Phish opener: YEM

  24. Name: RICKY D
    Occupation: patent atty
    Fav phish tune: Reba
    # shows: 25
    opener: hydrogen > weekapaug

  25. Tt would be very funny and very PHISH esq to have The McLovins come out when the lights go out. Allow them to play one song -> Jam -> and then one by one each band member is replaced by a real member of PHISH.

  26. Name: J.J. Toothman
    Occupation: Web Technologist – Stanford University
    Favorite Phish Song: Harpua
    Number of Shows Attended: A lot, though I really would like to not count the 3 shows from 2002-2004, those were horrible.

    Opener Pick: Harry Hood (with the loudest “you can feel good, good…” singalong ever.)

    Encore pick: Loving Cup

  27. Name: Newms
    Occupation: DJ and stuff
    Favorite Phish Song: PYITE
    Number of Shows Attended: Around 35 or so.

    Opener Pick: Chalkdust…but Fluffhead would be more significant

    Encore pick: The Curtain (With)

  28. Name: Al
    Occupation: Corrupting the youth of tomorrow
    Favorite Phish Song: Fee
    Number of Shows Attended: 25 (mostly pre-1998), with 4 kickass shows post 1998

    Opener Pick: Bouncin’
    Encore pick: Tweezer Reprise

  29. shit brownie, you should quit while yer a head, before you become a full dick. or is it to late? opener: rock ‘n roll. Sterile Jets fer life!

  30. Name: Ernesto Lasen
    Occupation: Guitar Tech-Little Feat
    Favorite Phish Song: Tube
    Number of Shows Attended: 65
    Opener Pick:First Tube
    Encore pick: Slave to the Traffic Light

  31. Yo Im With Brownstein…. for Fucks Sake Man, Bisco Is Now Where Phish was in the 90’s. They Bring the Fucking Heat to Every Show, Anybody who doesn’t think so simply doesn’t know, And as far as everyone talking shit about the drug scene that surround Bisco…. Anything that goes on there is Nothing compared to an average Phish Lot scene. People are fuckin’ dumb sometimes. Go Talk Shit about Bisco All you Want but remember—We all Like to dance around to songs about Lizards and Silly Fairytale like shit that most of society would completley think was GAY!!!! I’ve heard the same shit talk over the years about Phish As I hear now about Bisco… I sum it all up to one thing……..People Just don’t Fuckin’ Get it!!!!

  32. Back to the purpose…It has to be YEM. Trey talked in that Rolling Stones interview, or whatever that was, about how he would give his left nut to play YEM, and some people doubted his ability saying he was too fucked up to play it. Well he’s cleaned up his act, so if that was the problem, which I don’t think it was, then YEM would be a statement opener for them.

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