Phish Late Summer Tour 2009 – Open Thread: What Shows Are You Planning to See?

Earlier today, Phish announced the second leg of their summer tour and the phanbase is buzzing with excitement. What shows do you plan to attend this summer? Let us know what concerts you’re planning to see and tell us what you think of today’s announcement by leaving a comment below…

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  1. I plan on making it to SPAC for sure. It’s no Red Rocks but SPAC is a great outdoor venue and will be at its best in late August. Recommendations: dish the 6 bones and grab a picnic table in the state park. You have to watch out for police but it’s not nearly as bad as the free lots. There are a number of places to pregame within the park, I recommend the Geyser lot where there are large spaces to throw fris and you can take a dip in the Kayaderosseras Creek. See you there.

  2. Shoreline…though you have to hate those Wednesday night shows…well, maybe *hate* is too strong of a word…if I could, I would shake the shit out of a Wednesday night show…

  3. Spac and Hartford for the 2nd leg…it sucks to have a job and have to work, oh to be on tour again….

  4. Jones Beach X2, Bonarroooooo X2, Hartford and SPAC –
    Possible just cause i might be there- Chicago

  5. If you (me) have never made it to a show out at Red Rocks – how can these not be your (my) first? It’s gotta happen for me (and you). It’s gotta happen for us!

    Jones Beach (2), GreatWoods, Camden, Red Rocks, Hartford, Merriweather, SPAC.

    Summer. Phish. Yes.

  6. I put in a lottery request for Hartford and SPAC. Already was fortunate to have tickets to Jones Beach (x2), Great Woods, Camden and Deer Creek. Although, now thta it looks like there will be another dayjob in the family, dayjob2009, we’ll see what happens…

  7. Word to the wise about SPAC. 8/16 is the middle of Track Season. That may not mean much if you haven’t spent some time in Saratoga during Track season. From mid-July to the first week in September 30,000 people move to Saratoga. You won’t find a hotel room under $250. It also means that their will be 30,000 extra people boozing till 4am on Broadway which is absolutely killer. Cops in Toga don’t fuck around so be safe.


    peep that HT post that yielded some good intel, as early as january 7. while the dates were wrong, most (70-ish %)of the sites are spot on.

    (breaks elbow trying to pat own back) scroll down and see _goff’s “where’s spac and darien”?

    SPAC and Darien….

    (don’t forget Vernon Downs – real close to both – “Vernon Down The House.”) The sunshine daydreams of spac shows….the jammy, tour-wary jams under the “Big Top” at Darien….

    call it upstate pride. call it fitting that i should’ve just ended my ’04 finale run in SPAC….and now they’re ending their summer tour in SPAC.

    fitting for Trey to say thank you to VT’ers, Saratoga peeps and yes, even whitehall peeps.

    trey is on and has that rich suburban upstate retreat to half thank. (as seen by TAB tour in albany and burlington – see Gotta Jibbo @ 3:15 – HG – Burlington)

    the fellas know coventry sucked. Musically, spiritually, sunshine daydreams, page’s dad on keys, the ghost, piper and twist….spac is where it really ended in ’04.

    Five years later, it’s fitting this much anticipated “tour” will also end in my Upstate. My special place called SPAC. (

  9. jones x2, gwoods, camden, RRs?, Merriweather… if RRs doesn’t happen and 9/9/09 does… that could be in the cards.

  10. Wantagh X2, Camden, Mansfield, Burgettstown, Deer Creek, Alpine Valley X2, Red Rocks X4, Darien Lake, and SPAC

  11. SPAC is a must for me. It seems a lot of people here have kids and a goddamn job and other adult crapola that limits the scope of shows they’re thinking about. Can anyone give insight into the Darien Lake experience? I’ve never been there and, technically, it sounds good with an adjacent campground and theme park…but is it cool? If you stay at the campground that means no driving, which is a huge plus.

  12. God willing, my first shows at the Gorge will be Phish shows. RR would be nice, but I’m not holding my breath.

  13. Having attended EVERY Grateful Dead, & Phish show @ SPAC..I wouldn’t miss this for the world! What a wonderful, wonderful venue Saratoga is. Get there early and bring your “A” game!!

  14. Have tickets to Darien, Merriweather, and SPAC but wondering how the heck to get from Maryland to NY in time for the show! Could always go without sleep, of course, but that would certainly ruin the experience. Advice?

  15. Darien & SPAC. 2 shows in 4 days within 6 hours of my house. Could you ask for anything better? To “tallboycan”- Darien is a sweet venue and Phish? Just take a look at 9/14/2000. Where else do you find 3 jams named after the venue? About the camping though- good luck as it probably booked the day the show was announced.

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