Allman Brothers Night Seven: Cowboy Crow

The Allman Brothers Band welcomed two sets of special guests, each from a different generation to the stage last night for the seventh show of their fifteen show 40th Anniversary Run at the Beacon Theatre in NYC. I fired up the Moogis webcast just in time to see Tommy Talton and Scott Boyer of the severly underrated southern rock act Cowboy joined the band for Please Be With Me – a song featured on the Duane Allman Anthology featuring epic studio work from Skydog. Talton and Boyer – along with Levon Helm’s keyboardist Brian Mitchell – also sat-in on All My Friends and The Got Song.

[Moogis Webcast Screenshot]

Let’s take a look at the setlist…

Set 1: Don’t Want You No More, It Ain’t My Cross To Bear, Trouble No More, Rocking Horse, Soul Shine, You Don’t Love Me, New Instrumental, Please Be With Me (w/ Tommy Talton, Scott Boyer and Brian Mitchell), All My Friends   (w/ Tommy Talton, Scott Boyer and Brian Mitchell), The Got Song   (w/ Tommy Talton, Scott Boyer and Brian Mitchell)

Set 2: Takes a Lot to Laugh, a Train to Cry (w/Sheryl Crow, Brian Mitchell), Midnight Rider (w/Sheryl Crow), Can’t Find My Way Home (w/ Sheryl Crow, Brian Mitchell), Statesboro Blues, Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More, Hoochie Coochie Man, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (w/ Scott Boyer and Brian Mitchell), Black Hearted Woman > JaBuMa > Black Hearted Woman >The Other One Jam

Encore: One Way Out  (w/ Tommy Talton, Brian Mitchell, James Van DeBogert )

As the band returned for the second set, they were joined by Sheryl Crow and Mitchell for a cover of Dylan’s Takes A Lot to Laugh, a Train to Cry before Mitchell exited allowing Crow to belt out Midnight Rider along with Gregg Allman and Warren Haynes. Crow also did a nice job delivering vocals for the first-ever Allman’s cover of Blind Faith’s Can’t Find My Way Home.

After a few Allman classics played without any guests, Boyer and Mitchell returned for a cover of The Night They Drove Ol’ Dixie Down that found Gregg struggling with the lyrics. Talton and Mitchell came out for a quick One Way Out encore that sent everyone home happy. The Allman’s 40th Anniversary Run continues tomorrow night at the Beacon and via Moogis.


Bust outs: Please Be Withe Me (debut), All My Friends (debut), The Got Song (debut), Can’t Find My Way Home (debut), The Night They Drove Ol’ Dixie Down (last played 5/4/07)
Special Guests: Tommy Talton, Scott Boyer, Brian Mitchell, Sheryl Crow, James Van DeBogert
Beacon Run ’09 Debuts: 7
Total # of Songs Performed for the run: 73

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6 Responses

  1. Sheryl Crow was weak. Really not in the same league as ABB except they all make huge$$$.

    Not the best show, but still really really good. Can think of 10 female singers that would be better than this pop star. Ruthie Foster, anyone?

  2. The show was a little subdued and the crowd energy low , especially for a St patty’s day. I thought the crowd in the Loge was just a bunch of grandma’s. Everyone yelling to sit down. This is a jam band and they are best served on your feet and rocking along with the music.

    There was a 10 minute stretch during Rocking Horse that blew me away. Some of the most emotional guitar playing I have ever experienced. That was worth the price of admission.

  3. I thought this was a great night. Tommy and Scott were awesome and I thought Sheryl did a great job on midnight rider and can’t find my way home. The only down side was Gregg messing up the lyrics to the night they drove old dixie down.But hey, even the greats can make a mistake and his do not happen often. The crowd around me in the Orch near the sound board was into it and up on their feet (where you should be for the Brothers) for most of the night. Most of the standards they played would be on any of my set lists. Just wish I could go back for more.

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