God Street Wednesday: Lo Faber Q&A

God Street Wine guitarist Lo Faber recently answered over 20 questions for an interview over at The Great Southern Brainfart. Faber discussed his influences, the formation of the band, his relationship with his band mates and much more. The author asked Lo about the odds of God Street getting back together and here’s what Lo had to say…

[Scan by Joe Madonna]

It’s been nearly 8 years since the original God Street Wine line-up has performed together. Any chance us Winos will get a reunion tour?

I think we’d all love to; logistics are tough with Tom, who’s touring pretty heavily, and lives in Ireland when he’s not on the road; and I don’t think we’d want to do it without him.

Tomo said no! But seriously, it’s nice to see that the issue is logistics and not bad feelings amongst the band members. The folks at TGSB did an excellent job with this interview and it’s a must read for GSW fans.

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  1. What is your obsession with this band? Why don’t you chane the name of this blog to GodStreetWine/Glidemagazine.com?????

  2. Mik – unfortunately you’re being sarcastic because I heartily approve!
    Thanks for the weekly GSW fix – don’t listen to the haters!

  3. Maybe i am too young to have seen this band, but who really cares at all?

    Can we PLEASE get something relevant up here? Maybe I am being too critical and its just a slow news day.

  4. I think godstreetwineglidemagazine.com is taken, but maybe gswglidemagazine.com is available. Thanks for the tip!

    Just wait till we start Ominious Seapods Thursday and Moon Boot Mondays.

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