Ticketmaster Issues $50 Gift Certificates To Red Rocks Ticket Purchasers

Here’s the latest installment in the Ticketmaster Red Rocks ticket debacle. Everyone who made a purchase last night just received the following e-mail.

Dear Phish fan:
Unfortunately, the tickets that you ordered from Ticketmaster for performances of Phish scheduled at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre between the dates of July 30th and August 2nd, 2009 were put on sale inadvertently, allowing you to order tickets before they were supposed to have been released for sale to the general public. The sale of these tickets prior to the scheduled onsale date was the result of an inadvertent error on the part of Ticketmaster. While we strive to be perfect, errors do occur, albeit rarely. Per our stated policy and our practice Ticketmaster refunds purchases in such situations and cancels the tickets. In this case, while we asked the credit card companies for an authorization code at order time, we did not and will not charge your card for the purchase price and have canceled your order for tickets.

In addition, we’d like to show our sincere regret for this error by providing you with a gift certificate in the amount of $50.00 that is redeemable for any purchase for tickets to qualifying events on Ticketmaster.com or through our call centers as long as your order was in accordance with our standard order guidelines. You should receive this gift certificate in the next two weeks.

We are sorry that we were not able to provide you with the tickets you ordered and hope that we will have the chance to serve you better in the future. We encourage you to visit Ticketmaster at the scheduled onsale for Phish at Red Rocks currently scheduled for Thursday March 26, 2009 at 12:00 pm MT.

David Butler
Ticketmaster North America

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10 Responses

  1. awesome so all these folks will have $50 sitting around when TM rips everyone off and scalpers get all these passes instead of fans.

  2. “While we strive to be perfect, errors do occur, albeit rarely.”
    Really? Who the hell are they kidding?

  3. Well noah_s, I for one will probably be using my $50 gift certificate for a band that is not Phish. The last thing I want to do be doing in the precious seconds of a Phish on-sale is messing around with a Gift Certificate# or however it works, I’ve never had one. Will probably just use this to catch two smaller club-size shows and use the ‘ol stored credit card for the shows that will sell out in seconds.

    I think it’s a nice gesture – they didn’t HAVE to give us anything.

  4. Appreciate TM stepping up and offering $50.

    However, making me wait 2 weeks — so I can’t use it if by some miracle I actually get through to purchase Red Rocks tickets — is LAME. But who knows, maybe they’ll actually come through earlier.

  5. “You caught us when we opened up ordering to the scalpers we’re in cahoots with. For this, we’d like to offer you $50.”

  6. since the shows go onsale next week and the gift certificates don’t ship for another two weeks, they really won’t amount to jack shit unless you plan on using them for a future jonas brothers tour!

  7. Yeah.. “We apologize, but you really shouldn’t be purchasing our fee-reduced broker allotment of tickets. Here’s $50 to shut you heady little Phish kids up. You can’t beat us. So, if you don’t like it, try not going to shows. HA!”

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