Clapton Dreams With The Allmans

As expected, Eric “God” Clapton joined the Allman Brothers Band for a few songs in the second set of the eighth show of their 40th Anniversary Run at the Beacon Theatre. Slowhand emerged for a song he used to perform with Duane as part of Derek and the Dominos – Key to the Highway.

[Moogis screenshot]

As if that wasn’t enough, the legendary guitarist stayed on for an epic version of Dreams.The ensemble returned to the Derek and the Dominos repertoire for a blistering Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad that brought the house down. Clapton’s version of Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix followed. The set continued with Anyday featuring Susan Tedeschi.

After a brief encore break that found the Beacon dwellers screaming with joy, Clapton and Mule keyboardist Danny Louis accompanied the Brothers for an intense Layla encore that ranks as one of the best moments in the history of the Allman Brothers Band.  We’ll have much more in the morning from correspondent Chad Berndtson. Clapton returns for more tomorrow, so throw down the $125 for a Moogis subscription and you can follow the action live.

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  1. Seeing those 3 guys in a row made me cum just a little… I know they’ve got a strange bootleg policy, any chance a download will show?

  2. I tried to get tickets outside tonight. Ha! Nothing except 250 (ticketfast) to 500 tix from the scalpes on the corner. Ouch! Monday and Tuesday for face or less though.

  3. Thanks for using my screen shots in your blog. I pulled over 100 shots from the show last night and will continue to for the rest the run.

    E-mail me if you would like more. Good Job!!


  4. I believe the song is Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad. A small point, but the real blues are rarely gramatically correct.

    How do we hear these shows?!?!?!?!?!?

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