Eric Clapton & the Allman Brothers: Videos

Key to the Highway:

Little Wing:

Why Does Love Got to be So Sad

So, what do they play tonight? The same songs? That doesn’t seem like the Allman’s style. I’d love to see Slowhand go to work on Mountain Jam or In Memory of Elizabeth Reed. How about Can’t Find My Way Home or Bell Bottom Blues? The possibilities are endless and I’m excited to venture home to Jersey for a Moogis viewing party with some friends. Meanwhile, friend of HT Dan Greenhaus wrote a review of last night’s show over at Jambands.

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  1. I am a graduate from the Fillmore East during the British invasion and my favorite artist was Clapton. Years later as a father I took my daughter to concerts so I could turn her on to the greats. Well it turned out that she went into the music business and started throwing me tickets and backstage passes. She even lets me hang out with her friends. This link came to me by way of one of her friends. It brought tears to my eyes to the forwarding words. “all the videos are in this post, send it on to your dad, i think he’d really dig it….

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