Open Thread: Phish Late Summer Preorder

The emails are starting to flow out from Music Today with news of how you did for Phish’s Late Summer preorder. Did you score your golden ticket or were you denied? Let us know by leaving a comment below…

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75 Responses

  1. I got F’ed….more way then one. I got rejected, my aunt got rejected, my gf got rejected, and my friend got rejected. Talk about F’ed from all angles…

    See you at Spac and Hartford.

  2. I got a “sorry” email too, but my bro and girlfriend have yet to get anything from the fine folks at Phish ticketing. I’m hoping that’s a good sign, but who knows…

  3. Three of us were denied Darien. Doesn’t that place hold 20,000? I thought that would have been the easiest ticket to get!

  4. D-nied! 2 red rocks and both gorge. sigh. my summer road trip isn’t coming together as well as i’d hoped.

  5. So havent heard back yet, wondering if anybody has received notice yet that they got tickets? Slightly optomistic….

  6. I haven’t gotten an email yet but there is a pending charge on my credit card from Phish for $120. Looks like I got two somewhere. If you haven’t gotten an email you may want to check your card account.

  7. No e-mail, but I have a $120 charge as well. I only tried for 2 taper/best available for Chicago, so it looks like I got them after being denied on both earlier lotteries.

    I think the key is only requesting key shows you actually want. If you have 5+ shows in your order, and tickets for one show are not available, you are more likely to have your whole order denied. I’m convinced my entire early summer lottery got denied because I request Fox in that batch.

  8. No email yet, but a confirmed transaction from PHISH TICKETS in my recent activity file! (Merriweather)

  9. I have a charge for 120 also – I ordered SPAC and RRs, think that the 120 may be just the initial charge. Anyone know if they are splitting up orders?

  10. Nothing. #rd shot at this 24 ticket requests nothing. Hampton = no Starlake = No Deer Creek = no Greatwoods = no Hartford = no SPAC = no.

    Jesus, you’d think the 40k I’ve put up over the years I would get some Karma! F! Anyone have SPAC for me?

  11. Denied for 2 Hartford and 2 SPAC. I was denied for Hampton and Great Woods earlier. Bring back mail order!!!!

  12. I requested $1018 worth of tix (2 each to Red Rocks, Gorge, Spac, Hartford, Darien & Merriweather). Had $119 charged. Probs got Darien or something…

    Keeping my fingers crossed for Thursday TM love. (Yeah, right!) Its funny or ironic or sad that the thing that keeps me feeling like I’m 24 is Phish ticket related stress. Every time an on sale comes around, its like trying for Glens Falls 10.31.94 & getting Syracuse 11.4.94. Good times!

  13. Everyone I know who has yet to recieve a No dice letter only got charged 119/120 so far. I think it could just be a temporary charge. Holding out for all my dates….

  14. Denied @ Red Rocks like most everyone else it seems. Mail order sounds great and all, but this is really about supply and demand. Phish is too popular, the ticket prices are too low, and the venues are all too small. This creates a situation that actually makes scalping way worse since it is clear to everyone that the only way to see Phish is to pay high$. As long as some of us are willing to pay high$ the scalpers will find a way to take advantage of all of us. Solutions? Stadiums, $150 – $200 tickets, streamed video ala Moogis or iclips. It seems like the band is just trying to be in touch with the fans or maybe trying to go back to the good old days or something, but they are making it worse by creating such a tough ticket. There’s no going back…

  15. “Solutions? Stadiums, $150 – $200 tickets, streamed video ala Moogis or iclips. ”

    NOOOOOO! Only the streaming is a good idea out of that. We either need TICKETLESS ordering, or maybe tickets on sale at local outlets. SOMETHing needs to be done.

  16. No email

    Charges on my account we shall see

    I only put in one request and have sold 3 hamptons and a jones beach n1 at face…Hoping Karma is with me!

    I am 0 for since 2003!

  17. As a follow up…
    From reading some other boards..It appears if you DID NOT get a rejection email there is a very good chance you INDEED WON tickets!

    This follows the form of hampton and summer leg pt. 1..


  18. Denied for Darien/Saratoga… Dariens on my birthday.

    I don’t want to have to deal with Live Nation again. Last time I spent 3 hours and finally got lawns. Then people who got tickets after me got better seats. Garbage.

  19. got a hold for $229.60 on the debit card. just checked.

    hmmmmm….my original order was for, like close to $500, so i’m wondering how this shakes out.

    hopefully, in _goff’s favor. good luck to all!

  20. My girfriend, friend, and I requested all 4 nights of Red Rocks, both nights at the Gorge, and Merriweather, haven’t gotten e-mails yet, except for my friend who got denied, but both my card and my girlfriends card got charged $450 out of $1100 Finally some lotto luck!!

  21. got 4 lawn CT and 2 lawn Spac….was hoping for some seats and more for spac, didnt want the 4 from CT, just 2

  22. I got Chicago tix but shut out of the Gorge and Red Rocks. I’m for sure going to Deer Creek, both Alpine shows, and Chicago. I got my fingers crossed for Thursday.

  23. denied for Red Rocks x4, Shoreline, Gorge x2, Hartford, Merriweather, and Spac… Third time struck out on lottery. Getting pretty frustrating!

  24. got 1 ticket 4 all 4 nites to Red Rox and 1 for Shorline. the ticket gods smiled upon my modest single ticket requests. thank you ticket gods!

  25. I got 4 for Shoreline. I got denied for the Gorge and Red Rocks. In my posse, seven placed orders for Red Rocks, and five have been denied. Still waiting to hear from two.

  26. Requested the whole tour except Chicago, ended up with only 4 SPAC lawn.

    My friend got 4 to Shoreline and both Gorge shows.

    Don’t know anyone that got Red Rocks — will try to be there hell or high water. My guess is they won’t be allowed back after this year, so it’s now or bust.

  27. Scored 2 tickets to all four nights at Red Rocks


    got the $50 TM”glitch” rebate…

    What a crazy week~!

  28. I never received an email. I’ve checked my spam, and added their email address to my address book. I’ve NEVER received an email from them for rejection. I’ve always had to email them to check the status. My credit card has no pending charges. So I’m assuming that’s a big fat REJECTED. Since Hampton I’ve entered the lotto about 10 times and have gotten rejected every time. Hopefully I can somehow get through the Live Nation site or whatever. Doubtful though.

  29. @Al – I got tix for everything but SPAC. Can’t believe it, my luck is gonna catch up to me one of these days. Just hope it’s not for Halloween!

    @Jennifer – Maybe you should start a new email address just for mail ordering and your luck will turn around.

  30. @ Scotty – probably. I think they block my email address because it starts with ‘ph’ HA! No biggie though. I’m THANKFUL as hell that I’ll be hitting up 5 shows. It’s more than I could ask for. I’d just like to FINALLY go to Red Rocks since I had to cancel my trip last Labor Day weekend.

  31. Well, if you wind up at SPAC, would love to meet up with you. Perhaps a mini-Westmont reunion would be apropro!

  32. Im going to shoreline, both gorge, hartford, darien and spac. I love this lottery shit i got all nights hampton jones beach, mansflield, and camden. The only shows i didn’t get were rr. Anyone wanna buy a roo ticket i need to save for my cross country cali-wash trip.

  33. Got all I requested: 1 lawn for SPAC. At least I’m in. I have a nice east coast string lined up and ready to cast: JB, Mans, Pitt, SPAC.

  34. Well i was denied as well for 2 hartfords as well as three of my buddies. The only friend I know who got tickets got 2 lawn seats. How is it that a pre order where you should get the best seats in the house he ends up with lawn? And if you look on ebay now everyone is selling lawn seats. You think they left the good seats open for once for fans on saturday?

  35. went for the whole run, got 4 darien and 4 toyota park… guess I’m glad I’m in. I’ve got an extra lawn for Burgettstown, PA…. looking for Hartford/shoreline/RR… Anyone?

  36. @Greg- the paperless ticket petition is no good for most… we all use our Mother/brother/sister/uncles card to order tix…with hopes of getting the golden ticket! The likelyhood of having access to that credit card to tour with is probably a most uncommon thing… I could be wrong but seriously… IMO thats not the answer.

  37. Never once gotten a lottery ticket. Just got denied for not only RR but a single #$%^&ing SPAC!! – Simply put, not worth the hassle anymore. I’m more than happy to download FLAC files and enjoy with a clean bathroom and my dog. Plus, get to plug in the guitar and play along- which naturally would get me shot if done outside the house! –

  38. My account was debited for 2 phish tickets back on the 24th but i still havent got a confirmation email.. soo.. did i get the tickets or not ?

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